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Ds started walking at 19 mths and now at 20 mths still can only take a few steps - cause for concern?

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shakespeare Thu 08-May-14 02:36:47

My boy was a late crawler/walker (12/19 months) which was no surprise as his sister was the similar (12/18mths). However now at 20 months, he still can only take 3 or so steps.

He's got a little push along trolley thing which he loves but given his gait when he uses it (wide, straight legs and leaning forward) I'm not sure how helpful it is so I've taken it away for a few day to see if he feels more inclined to walk independently (not so much yet).

He enjoys holding our hands when he walks but I'm kind of surprised how wobbly he still is. I'm not overly stressed about it as he has excellent fine motor and language skills and I'm sure he'll develop the rest in his own time. It's just that he seems quite a bit less dexterous than what I would expect a toddler to be at his age (trying not to compare him to others very hard!). At the playground today, he twice fell off the small walking/crawling plank as he seems not so spacially aware yet (not sure when that develops however).

Do you think its worth a trip to the GP and or Paediatrician? Has anyone else experienced similar?

carolinementzer Thu 08-May-14 10:54:35

My sister didn't walk until she was 22 months, and I've a friend whose son didn't walk til he was two. All children develop at different stages. However, mum's are very instinctive, so if you're worried then there's no use worrying yourself silly at home. Go get some advice from your GP - which will help put your mind at rest. good luck

loopyloopster Sat 10-May-14 14:34:35

All kids develop at their own rate but that is slightly outside of the "normal" range - I'd take him to GP to have a development screen to put your mind at rest (although sounds like you're happy with fine motor and language).

Better to get it checked out than worry at home!

shakespeare Sat 10-May-14 22:48:14

And Caroline, I can assume the two children you mention are now up and about walking/running/jumping?

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