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3 yr old daughter says she's scared of getting fat...

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PassthePercyPigs Fri 02-May-14 17:59:51

Hi all,

My happy, confident, tall, slim 3.5 year old daughter announced during tea this evening that she doesn't want to eat too much food because she's scared of getting fat. My DH and I have always been very careful not to use the 'F' word as I don't want her growing up with all the body hang ups that I did and I make sure that I set a good example with my own eating habits. I asked her where she'd heard that word and she just said 'nowhere, just from me'. I reassured her that she should eat as much as she liked and that we just all want to be healthy.

Has anyone else had any experience of this with their children? I'm really shocked that my daughter would be worrying about getting fat when she's so young. We always tell her how clever, funny, kind etc she is so we don't make her appearance the focus of praise but of course we also tell her how pretty she is and what a lovely body she has as I want her to be confident and self assured. Thought this was the right tactic but I guess there's no protecting her from outside influences...

Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

PtPP x

Cast1ststone Fri 02-May-14 19:58:47

Have you ever discussed your own self image in front of her. If you are obsessed with your hair then you will see kids that age mimic that. It works the same way with self image. If you imply you have/had self esteem issues or she hears comments you make of other people. Maybe she witnessed a kid getting picked on for their weight. I am sure this will pass as long as you keep up the good Kids are silly and I would not look into that too much just reassure her and keep on having fun together.

Kissmequick123 Sun 04-May-14 20:01:07

Lead by example. I never discuss weight. I occasionally discuss what is healthy/not healthy and why. I eat healthily and in a balanced manner. My kids are the same. If they have raised the fat topic, its because they have overheard friends talk. I always tell them you can be too thin and too fat, it's best to be in the middle.

tobysmum77 Mon 05-May-14 19:55:36

My dd got called fat by a boy at school (she's just 5). She was quite affronted despite being 27th centile for bmi so slimmer than average in the 80s.

We talk about food making you strong and healthy.

HolidayCriminal Tue 06-May-14 05:36:42

I dunno, my first thought was to reply with "Yeah, I wouldn't want to be fat either." and leave it. It's just an opinion. Don't make it into an issue. If she discussed it some more could add "Well most people probably don't want to be fat, but plenty of them are, and they get on okay in life. It's maybe not what you want but if you turn out that way it doesn't have to be a problem."

I think all of that is true. And keeps the door open to talking about perceptions of what fat is and isn't. When is it really a problem & when is it just a variation.

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