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Suddenly hating nursery at 3.5

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MyFabulousBoys Wed 30-Apr-14 22:10:00

DS2 used to skip into nursery punching the air in delight. Since coming back from Easter holidays he has hated it and keeps asking to go home. He has once cried when I left and whinges all the way there heartbreakingly.

I am relentlessly positive about it but he still complains. There haven't been any changes at home or nursery although he does keep mentioning a boy who is very boisterous and he says he is scared of. Nursery are aware and keeping an eye on it. He is doing 2 x 9-3 days and 2 x 9-12 mornings.

Any ideas to ride this phase out more quickly? I don't want to stop nursery, DS1 has SN and I need the time to catch up on sleep/recharge/exercise (most important as it keeps me sane).

They have said it is very common but the relentless whining and sadness are upsetting. I have checked how he is later in the session and he is ok but much less bubbly and happy than he used to be. He used to love it. I don't understand this! He says he is scared and just wants to be with me. This is a very relaxed nurturing nursery by the way.

notadoctor Thu 01-May-14 05:59:13

No advice but we're in a similar situation. My DD (2.5yo) used to love nursery but has now
started getting hysterical at the thought of going - refusing to get in the car and crying at drop off. It's horrible. She only goes 2 days per week from 10-4 and in the past she's always loved it but now she keeps saying she wants mummy instead. In our case, there's a new baby in the house so I think it's that causing it. Is there anything different at home which may be making your DS unusually clingy?

It sounds like you are doing the right thing by trying to stay positive and keeping in good communication with the nursery. It's heartbreaking but I am sure if it is a good nursery then it's just a phase and will pass.

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