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2nd dry night for ds 7.4. Is this it?!

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Whereisegg Sat 26-Apr-14 10:48:46

Ds has had very few dry nights in his life, and even fewer of these have been in a row.

At 5 he had his HUGE (surgeon said biggest he'd seen) tonsils and adenoids removed due to sleep apnea.
Dr had mentioned that his brain was so concerned about keeping him breathing, it didn't care if he wee'd but that this would likely resolve itself after surgery.
It did, for 3 nights.

Fast forward a couple of years solid of brick-heavy pants every morning (and occasional wet beds too despite pants), we are on our second morning in a row of bone dry pants.

I don't want to be too outwardly excited at home in front of ds as he can't control it, so I want to be excited here please!

Could this be it, or just a lucky streak?

Whereisegg Wed 13-Aug-14 17:18:16

I do so hope so smile

Lemonsole Thu 14-Aug-14 12:45:35

We got home yesterday. We had an alarm-free night yesterday, and are getting back in the saddle tonight.

He's anxious, and was sad to see his wet stop by his bed, but we're girding our loins and going for it. Hopefully he stands a better chance if he's not awake for so long each night. <hopeful>

Lemonsole Sun 17-Aug-14 22:46:48

Three nights in - and the going is good!

Each night so far his alarm has woken him up, AND there was wee left to wee out when he went to the loo. We're all appreciating the faster changes, and last night he had even done his change before we got there.

So much better than any of us had dared to hope.

A big sleepover later this week, so it will be three nights without his alarm, unfortunately, and he's anxious to remove all traces of his pull-ups from his room before his friends arrive, so that's the next challenge.

Whereisegg Mon 18-Aug-14 07:11:10

Quiet cheers and finger crossing from me thanks!

Whereisegg Tue 19-Aug-14 18:35:38

ds got up for a wee at 1:30am grin shock grin shock grin

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 19-Aug-14 18:54:21

Yay for little egg. My DS got up to 10 dry nights before a wet one and then 3 more dry since. That means only 2 wet nights so far this month.

Whereisegg Tue 19-Aug-14 20:29:51

That's brilliant!

Lemonsole Wed 20-Aug-14 08:21:08

Egg: the holy grail!! grin And a great August so far, Mychildren.

While we're cheering and waving pom-poms... HE WAS DRY LAST NIGHT!!!! smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile

I don't think that he got up in the night, but I heard what sounded like a horse weeing in the bathroom this morning. I actually had that crestfallen feeling that you get when the alarm has become disconnected overnight, and it's wet pants as usual. But no.

Three nights with no alarm now, though, as we've got visitors.

mychildrenarebarmy Wed 20-Aug-14 08:39:36

Fab news Lemon. I hope the next three nights go well. Have you made a plan of what to do if he does wet?

DS was dry again last night and pointed out to me that the 10 nights in a row was a new record for him.

Whereisegg Wed 20-Aug-14 08:52:56

lemon smile grin smile grin smile grin

Hurrah for dry nights, new records, and horse-like wees!

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 26-Aug-14 12:30:18

9 dry in a row and counting. Still only 2 wet this month. :D

Lemonsole Wed 27-Aug-14 10:56:27

Your dry run has coincided beautifully with the grotty weather, Mychildren.

DS managed the mega-sleepover with baggy Jammies, and we're back on wet-stop once more. It's going ok: his alarm is waking him, and there's plenty left to wee out in the loo, which is fab. Last night I think that he did stop weeing as soon as the alarm went, but before he woke, as his pull-ups were very light. All encouraging stuff, I think.

Another break this weekend, though, which is v annoying. We're going to MiL's, and he shares a room with DD, so no alarm. Annoying, because I really want him to have a good, unbroken run of the same routine, as that's what nailed it last time.

Whereisegg Wed 27-Aug-14 21:49:50

lemon, any chance you could re-jig the sleeping arrangements at mils? One dc with each parent? I suppose not really as you'd probably just have said, but I feel so desperate to offer something!

MyChildren amazing!

Still dry here smile

mychildrenarebarmy Wed 27-Aug-14 22:10:32

I was very pleased about last night because he was awake at 2am because of an asthma attack so it would have been entirely understandable if he'd slept in.

mychildrenarebarmy Thu 28-Aug-14 08:39:34

11. That is all. :D

Whereisegg Thu 28-Aug-14 08:56:17

eeeeek! grin

Whereisegg Thu 28-Aug-14 08:57:55

Oh, I am really hoping that the pee all over the toilet seat this morning means that ds was up in the night, and not that he is just disgusting and lazy wink

Lemonsole Fri 29-Aug-14 21:40:07

I'm looking forward - strangely- to the first pee puddle in the bathroom!

We can't use the alarm here, as neither DH or I fancy kipping in a junior sleeping bag on a thermarest grin

We had a two-wee night last night. I can't wait until we're back into a good term time routine, as that seems to help him most.

mychildrenarebarmy Fri 29-Aug-14 22:59:16

drat. A yell from the top of the stairs tonight and a completely soaked bed. Ah well, he got to 12 nights in a row.

Lemonsole Sat 30-Aug-14 08:32:52

12 is brilliant- and he still woke up. DS doesn't wake, even when not wearing a pull-up.

Whereisegg Fri 05-Sep-14 14:26:05

Hope that being back at school will help you both smile

mychildrenarebarmy Fri 05-Sep-14 15:11:36

We had 4 wet nights in a row then 3 dry so far. Back to school won't make any difference to DS as he is home educated so it's business as usual.

Lemonsole Sat 06-Sep-14 09:40:39

We have had a dry one smile

So relieved, as we've also had a run of leaking pull-ups, alarm failing to go off, and other ego-destroying occurrences in the four nights since he came back from Grandma's.

Whereisegg Tue 09-Sep-14 09:25:15

Brilliant lemon!
Missed your post, was busy getting married on the 6th grin

mychildrenarebarmy Tue 09-Sep-14 10:07:54

Congratulations egg. I hope you had a fabulous day and wish you many years of happiness.

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