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Formula milk - 10 month old

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givemecaffeine21 Thu 24-Apr-14 17:28:19

My DS has never enjoyed his bottle particularly but starting solids at 6 months really helped as I could finally cut it down instead of force feeding him 5x a day! We had huge battles getting him to drink it. Now at 10 months he loves his food but bottle-wise will only drink 5oz first thing in the morning and 5oz before bed. He is fiercely independent and we couldn't get cereal down him after a while so now he feeds himself shreddies and banana chopped whilst we eat breakfast (same story at dinner - he feeds himself as won't let us get a spoon near, def not teething, just strong minded).

I've been putting formula in his yoghurt / fruit pot etc but to mix in the required amount of water is basically a full bottle over two puds if you see what I mean (given breakfast cereal is now out unless he self feeds and shreddies are easiest for this). I have put some scoops in with yoghurt without water but wonder if this is adverse affects but I'm not sure if there is a medical reason not to and cannot find anything online.

What do people think? Can't wait to get him on cows milk when he turns one as I worry so much about him getting what he needs. He's physically very healthy, he's quite chunky and 75th for weight and generally in rude health ....but I still worry!

ilovepowerhoop Thu 24-Apr-14 19:28:06

yoghurt, cheese, etc will count without having to add scoops of formula so i wouldnt do that. From 1 year the amount of milk required drops to 300mls and he's not that far off so I wouldnt worry too much about the amount he is taking. Have you tried offering a cup of formula alongside a snack during the day to see if he takes any?

givemecaffeine21 Thu 24-Apr-14 20:26:00

Thank you - that makes me feel better! He's really finicky about milk and I've given up offering it during the day but I will give it a go again to see if I can get a bit more down him. I do try and give him plenty of dairy rich foods and his diet is very good with homemade meals, lots of fresh fruit & veg etc. I just find it nearly impossible to meet the 18-20oz requirement. My daughter was equally uninterested but loves cows milk and switched to it at one year very happily.

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