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15 month old banging her head on the floor

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MBRaz Wed 23-Apr-14 14:03:13

My dd has started having mini sort of tantrums when she is cross - like when I take something away from her of try & put her shoes on etc. Totally normal, but she has started banging her head on the floor - and we only have wood/stone floors! I obviously try and pick her up when I see her doing it but I am often not in time - like if she suddenly decides she hates her tea and bangs her head on the table and I am fetching something from the fridge.

Any ideas? I haven't been too worried about it but she has bruises on her forehead now. She also sometime does it when bored and when in her cot.

Thank you!

carolinementzer Wed 23-Apr-14 16:11:09

Head banging toddler - totally normal! Just thought I'd let you know that my friend had surprising results with bach flower rescue remedy - says it stopped the head banging! Remarkable. Anyway, maybe worth a shot. Good luck!

MBRaz Wed 23-Apr-14 20:48:35

Thank you! I will def try rescue remedy, can't hurt...

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