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10 month old newly crawling, bruises normal???

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CradleCrapNap Wed 23-Apr-14 09:09:38

My 10 month old (but 2 month prem) baby has learnt to crawl, yay! But ever since she has developed quite a few bruises on both shins/knees and elbows/forearms. They always come up yellow and old looking, you never see them looking new or blue in colour. Is this normal? She does seems to ignore what would definitely be uncomfortable obstacles and crawls over them regardless. Not sure if I should get the GP to look at the bruises but also don't want to seem neurotic or worse, make them suspicious of her safety! What were your experiences of bruises and crawling? I asked a relative yesterday and she just looked blank but then her youngest is now 16 so it's been a while.

NorthEasterlyGale Wed 23-Apr-14 09:54:37

Sounds okay to me - DS1 (now 22 months) crawled at about 10 months and walked at 13 months. He was (still is) always covered in bruises. Knees, shins, arms and most often now, head. He constantly looks like he's been in fights due to throwing himself into life and having neither fear nor common sense grin

He'll happily walk barefoot over gravel that must be uncomfortable and rarely even whimpers after falling over - think the world is just to interesting to register the discomfort or pain!

MiaowTheCat Wed 23-Apr-14 13:18:27

Totally normal for them to carry on crawling through any obstacles in their path - DD2 recently was so bloody bruised I was terrified taking her out of the house with it (she was trying to figure out cruising and kept face planting into furniture) and DD1 has recently just discovered spectacular toddler chuck yourself on the floor style tantrums... but without the sense to check there's a toddler-strop-sized space ON the floor first so had a nice duplo brick shaped bruise on her forehead the other day as well. She's just turned two, and currently as well as duplo-bruise has spectacular grazes on her knees and a wide range of bruises on her legs - typical little kid legs in fact!

Wouldn't worry about the prematurity thing of it - DD1 was 2 months prem, DD2 was almost full-term - not much difference in how bruised they've gotten apart from that the youngest one is a mini death-seeking missile of mayhem!

wheresthelight Wed 23-Apr-14 13:49:20

Yup totally normal!! My 8 month old is covered and hasa ssmallness on her head where she keeps head butting the floor cos the silly thing wants to walk rather than crawl!

CradleCrapNap Wed 23-Apr-14 19:12:01

Glad it's not just DD! My head tells me they are normal but I always doubt myself. They literally appeared at the same time as she started crawling.
Miaow, I love that your second was almost term! Gives me hope. When your first is prem you worry more about the second being more prem than the first. It's good to know that's not flyways the case.
Thanks everyone x

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