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Healthy breakfast and snacks for busy mums/kids

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littleraysofsunshine Tue 22-Apr-14 22:35:25

I have little time in the mornings, three children 3.5, 22m, and 12weeks. I want to get back to healthy food and snacks for them and me especially as I'm breastfeeding so food on the go for me! We always seem so rushed lately that most mornings it's yoghurt or toast for the two, then nothing for me.

Snacks, they won't touch healthy thinks like salad, tomatoes, cucumber, cooked veg, etc. sandwiches even get wasted. They love egg and beans but can't have it all the time!

I'm rubbish for the above too, I find my body craving chocolate or biscuits, short energy bursts. Any tips?

littleraysofsunshine Tue 22-Apr-14 22:35:41

They never use to be fussy

ishouldcocoa Tue 22-Apr-14 22:48:09

Keep sugar to as low a levels as you can for all of you - easier said than done, I know. Then you avoid all the sugar highs - and lows.

Yoghurt is good for breakfast, but try granola over the top. Try cooking a frittata the night before and serving that up for breakfast.
Sample recipes here

These are also quite good, and could have the added wow factor of being served in lidded jam jars - just make then up the night before, stick a lid on the jar - good shake - and leave in the fridge overnight Summer Porridge

Also oatcakes (you can buy mini ones for dipping) with hummous, cheese or peanut butter - or any nut butter on top.

Keep any starchy foods as unrefined as possible - wholewheat bread, brown rice, brown pasta.

Hope some of these suggestions help - Good Luck smile

DIYandEatCake Wed 23-Apr-14 04:09:32

It's tough isn't it, I'm like you in craving junk when I'm tired (and my 3yo would live on chocolate and cake too given half a chance). Breakfast is important for you too, if nothing else then get some 'treat' cereal you can eat quickly (in the early weeks after having dc2 I bought some expensive granola that I wouldn't normally get, just to tempt myself into breakfast...). Will your older two eat porridge? If so stick a big bowl of it in the microwave and have some yourself.

Easy snacks - flapjacks (still sweet but at least more filling and have oats in), cheese & crackers, bananas, blueberries, cold meat (like those packs of ready cooked turkey/chicken), breadsticks, carrot, dried fruit, toasted tea cake/fruit loaf with butter, crumpets, if you're up for a bit of baking (ie if the baby ever sleeps in the day) then homemade banana cake (the 'easy banana cake' recipe on here is fab)/apple cake/any cake you fancy (you definitely need some treats and your older two might be happily occupied for a while with a bit of baking!). Any of those help?

But in case knowing makes you feel better, my snacks today have consisted mostly of Easter egg wink

Artandco Wed 23-Apr-14 14:37:00

Porridge is easiest.

Get a large glass jug and add enough porridge and milk in for all of you. Do this in eve then leave in fridge overnight. By morning the oats have been soaked and absorbed so cook much quicker. Just throw jug in microwave for 2-3 mins. All eat. Add berries/ nuts/ honey/ banana or whatever they eat or plains fine

Gen35 Wed 23-Apr-14 15:10:11

Try the raw veg again with hummus - mine will also eat avocado as it's nice and creamy. I'm just the same, shovelling down chocolate at 7am for energy...also, have you tried the munchy seeds? Dd loves them, they're not that salty either. The Food doctor does nice grain pots - like a healthy pot noodle, check those out.

littleraysofsunshine Thu 24-Apr-14 07:00:17

They love porridge but some mornings i even run out of time to make that! (Dd1 has preschool every morning.

Artandco Thu 24-Apr-14 07:04:36

Hence the jug suggestion. You must have 2 mins in he morning to put jug in microwave surely as you can do that before laying table for breakfast or while helping them do hair/ get dressed or whatever. You simply have to just all get up 15 mins earlier if not as cant send them to school without proper breakfast

littleraysofsunshine Thu 24-Apr-14 10:20:02

Didn't see your post art. Will try that.
We all had porridge with chopped banana this morning and feel better for it. It's no hassle when preschool isn't involved lol she started in jan (same time that I was due)

deepinthewoods Thu 24-Apr-14 10:25:18

To keep your own energy levels up and hunger at bay try to eat some protein at every meal. Unrefined carbs are good, but don't keep me going very long.
I have museli every morning and throw in a handful of nuts, usually almonds or walnuts, and a handful of blueberries or defrosted frozen berries.

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