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7 year old with emotional issues....

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feathermucker Tue 22-Apr-14 17:13:43

I am a single parent to a 7 year old boy.

He is a lively, popular boy. The issues are that he doesn't share brilliantly and can get very emotional and upset.

Example........when he has to share an activity, when he falls, when he feels someone has taken his turn in an activity, when he feels someone isn't listening to him, when he's told no etc.

He will sometimes kick out at the object causing him frustration.

Im not explaining it brilliantly sorry. He doesnt struggle at school and is generally brilliant for other people, but it's always me that gets the brunt.

I sometimes lose my temper with him and feel totally shit with myself sad

Should I ignore? How do I stop this?

Help! confused

carolinementzer Wed 23-Apr-14 14:07:57

I feel your frustration - My daughter (3.5yrs) has a temper on her and can over react at the slightest thing, and I would lose my temper, but I found getting angry or ignoring the behaviour didn't work - as she's such a strong character.

What did work though was acknowledging her frustration and letting her feel it without me squashing it (so she felt heard). Also when at home directing physical temper else where - e.g. hitting a pillow, kicking a ball around the garden etc.

Also over the years I've had amazing results with Bach flower remedies as well as Indigo essences. Not sure if you're into that kind of thing but the 'Chill' formula by Indigo Essences is a good one. Here's the link -
good luck and best wishes

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