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reflux and sleep apnea? please help...

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BlahBlahYackedySmackedy Wed 09-Apr-14 10:33:40

DD2 is 6wks. For just over a week she has had raspy, snuffly breathing which gets a lot worse at night. She spits up,mostly when on her back (when sleeping or changing nappy) but sometimes when she is being winded. Only occasionally has this caused her to scream n usually is contented. I have noticed that she swallows and grimaces quite a bit, but again there is rarely crying. She is not happy being put down on her back until she is in deep sleep. When she is in deep sleep her breathing sounds fine.
She will wake up however with her heavy breathing and start writhing around the cot. It is at this time she sometimes stops breathing. This is usually for around 3-5secs so not a long time, but it feels like ages in the night when I am listening. Her breathing really sounds like she is struggling to get air in, like she has a really blocked nose. Everytime we go to the gp she is in her car seat and her breathing is regular. Typical.
She has been prescribed infant gaviscon and we used it for the first time yesterday. I am exclusively bf and have found the preparation time consuming, and DD2 hates it. She screams and I worry she will choke on it. It has so far had no effect other than making her poo thicker. In fact she seems to be bringing up more milk than before. Her breathing has remained the same.

Has anybody else experienced this and how was it treated? I am heartbroken listening to her at night and worry so much. I'm on the verge of going to hospital with her as i am dreading another night.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Superworm Fri 11-Apr-14 00:42:03

Car seat - not cat seat

An in case i wasn't clear, the reflux was caused by the allergies. He was also very mucousy which everyone kept saying was normal but it wasn't.

BlahBlahYackedySmackedy Fri 11-Apr-14 21:48:41

Thank you for all the replies it is really appreciated. Well I went to the doctors yesterday and was made to feel like a neurotic mother. Was told to give the gaviscon longer. I'm not convinced its doing anything though. Her breathing is just the same and I cannot sleep. Ivr recorded her too but it is not clear. She is clearly struggling though. I havr been thinking of putting her on her side to sleep but have safe sleeping sp strongly drilled in I'm worried about that in case she goes onto her front. I really am losing it over this!

Naty1 the lip tie is interesting. Judt googled its and I think she may have this. In fact I think DD1 did and she tore hers falling over. I will ask the HV on monday. Not too sure on the posterior tongue tie though. Could this affect the reflux?

Superworm how were the allergies diagnosed? I looked into this due to a post above and the symptoms are very similar to reflux. She does however have a spotty kind of rash on her neck and upper chest. There are also some on her face and head though not as bad and her skin on her cheeks is dry. I decided to just avoid dairy for now but am actually finding it quite tough! I never realised before how many foods have dairy in.

I thought about adenoids as DH had his removed as a child. If all else fails I will look into this.

Superworm Fri 11-Apr-14 22:32:14

The allergies were diagnosed via a process of elimination. I was dairy/ soy free for three months, then reintroduced and got a reaction.

There are two types of allergies - immediate which the rash, swelling, hives type and delayed. Delayed are gastrointestinal and produce an immune response that effect mucous linings. DS has delayed type.

It's very hard in the beginning as dairy & soy are in everything. It's definitely not for everyone. It was a no brainer for me as DS nearly died.

CustardFromATin Mon 14-Apr-14 13:00:02

Your dd sounds absolutely like a newborn... They do posset, snuffle and have brief apnoeas at this age (although if it is over 10 seconds or there is any turning blue this is absolutely not normal and needs to be checked).

If it is reflux then the diet may help, but if you're not seeing major discomfort, I'd really hold off on the dairy and soy elimination - as the pp said, it is very labour intensive for you and risks you not taking in enough calories and having to do lots of extra shopping or cooking at a time when you are already exhausted and hungry!

With DS1 we saw similar symptoms and jumped to the special diets and all sorts of things, but actually he was fine and grew out of it - but in the meantime we'd had so much extra stress and my milk practically dried up with dropping weight on a strict elimination diet. Ds2 then really did have bad reflux and laryngomalacia and it was very clear from very early on, with difficulty feeding, painful spasms afterwards, and really long apnoeas (up to 10 seconds and turning 'dusky').

Of course most cases are less extreme, and if you have major concerns or things persist you are absolutely the best judge to decide whether to pursue with doctors, first time mum or not! - but do remember that many of us posting on here have experiences outside of the average, and may overdiagnose some of these conditions.

Do you have a friend or relative with recent newborn experience, or a decent HV. who could listen in to a feed and nap and give a second opinion?

Hope things improve soon.

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