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Name Recognition in a Baby

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Tarka Thu 18-Mar-04 09:43:09

Does anyone know when a babies first start to "know" their own name as it were? I seem to remember reading something in one of those development type books that a baby will respond to its name being called at around 9 months. Ds (10 months tomorrow) SOMETIMES looks round if you call him by name, but I think he's responding more to the tone of voice than the actual name. Often he will just ignore me and carry on playing. I have never thought that he knew what his name was, although he does seem to recognise other words. Just idly wondering really. TIA.

melsy Thu 18-Mar-04 09:49:56

Try saying a different name in the same way, we did that with a friends baby and she didnt pay attention. but when we said her real name she looked round. Ive done it with my dd and she looks rounds at her name and not similar sounds??? Shes only 6months freaky huh!!

hercules Thu 18-Mar-04 10:04:58

I read somewhere 5 months.

Tommy Thu 18-Mar-04 21:07:44

I'm pretty sure my DS2 recognises his name (and DS1's pet name for him!) - he's 7 months. I'll try Melsy's idea tomorrow though to see if he really does!

suzywong Thu 18-Mar-04 21:10:58

My boy looks round when me or Dh call his name. He's 6 months.

Evita Thu 18-Mar-04 21:30:53

Dd did it around 5 months I think. But her name's fairly easy to recognise, short, not like another word.

motherinferior Fri 19-Mar-04 18:51:19

I doubt dd2 has any idea, to be honest. Never tried testing her. DD1 didn't as far as I can recall either.

Mermaid2 Fri 19-Mar-04 18:53:07

I'm pretty sure DS does and has done for a while, he's 7 months.

kiwisbird Fri 19-Mar-04 19:03:13

DD was always turning her head at 6 mths to her name but not to much else except the cat.. she said miaow before ma ma and da da

Pook Fri 19-Mar-04 23:33:16

I'm certain that dd (8 months) knows own name. Just ignores me when busy with her "work" (i.e. playing).

mummytojames Fri 19-Mar-04 23:36:15

my ds was about five months aslong as theadverts come on adverts come first in his eyes after that he will reply if you say his name hes six month now

mergle Sun 21-Mar-04 09:19:50

Oh well. My son is nearly 7 months. Hasn't got a clue re his name. He doesn't even usually turn to look at us whatever we call him. He smiles at everyone and everything though (bit worrying in itself really).

His development has always been a bit odd. He could sit up, completely unassisted, for minutes at a time at just under 4 months (very useful for Christmas card photos). However he only learnt to roll over front to back a few weeks ago. He can crawl (very slowly IYKWIM) and stand holding onto a table and even has started shuffle-walking sideways (holding on) but STILL can't roll from back to front.

No consonents really either-but he has two lovely front teeth.

I know my partner was really really slow with all his milestones, especially speaking-and he's got a first from Oxford and a phd. So I'm not too worried.

fisil Sun 21-Mar-04 13:51:56

I read that the best way to test this is to say the name in ordinary conversation without making a point of it or particularly looking at your baby and just see if they notice. Seem to remember trying it and it being virtually impossible to tell!

Tarka Mon 22-Mar-04 06:19:18

My Ds sounds a bit like Pook's... he does seem to have very laid back personality, and i have a feeling he doesn't respond if he is "busy" doing something else. He is now 10 months, and still not crawling, although trying.

Mergle, re: the rolling over thing - my ds didn't sit up unasisted til he was 8 months, and had us all a bit worried! (He's a very big baby, and I think that's also why he is slower with crawling )

Am rather relieved to hear about your partner's first from Oxford despite being slow with milestones Pook! There's hope for my ds yet.

Tarka Mon 22-Mar-04 06:20:22

...sorry, meant to say.. will try the using a different name in the same tone of voice tactic to see if that works! Thanks everyone.

bobthebaby Mon 22-Mar-04 06:35:37

My son is a year and ignores his name, however he will point at the bookshelf if someone says "story" and will start clapping if someone says the word even if he in engrossed in something else.

We have the letters of his name on his door and each night his dad reads them out as he points at them, whenever he hears the letter "b" or someone talks about a bee he says "bee" over and over again. Maybe he thinks he is called "beeohbee".

motherinferior Mon 22-Mar-04 08:30:31

Well, I tried DD2's name again and no reaction. Beautiful smiles though. She seems pretty on the ball to me.

mergle Mon 22-Mar-04 17:45:49

A few weeks ago I read that only around 50% of 3 year olds recognise their name but 95% recognise the word "Coca Cola". I assumed this was when it was written down. I'm starting to wonder...

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