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How to entertain 5 month baby

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BotBotticelli Thu 10-Apr-14 08:31:53

Ha ha yes things are fine here! Just re ready posts and realise they sound a bit a lot bitter!!!

I am fine and love my little boy to bits but just feel like I have to make the point on threads like this that not all babies are the same - not all will be happily carried in slings whilst you get on with your life...!!

OhPuddleducks Thu 10-Apr-14 03:08:01

Peekaboo and singing are big hits with my DS right now. I also do lots of things that make me look ridiculous like dancing round the kitchen with him to the radio or making daft loud noises and encouraging him to copy. Ideal as my toddler thinks it's brilliant and joins in, and I can make the tea at the same time. Now the weather is better, thing like feeding the ducks, rolling on the grass in the garden etc. The good news is at six month you start solids and for a while between napping, eating, milk feeds and cleaning up baby and surroundings after meals and snacks, the day is pretty full!

atthestrokeoftwelve Wed 09-Apr-14 22:55:21

I am not sure how the painting would work with such a young child. babies often put most things into their mouths and would possibly do they with paint covered fingers. Paint is not the best weaning food.

Chickz Wed 09-Apr-14 22:49:15

This is all good stuff. Im liking the painting idea whereisthelight! DD has three naps a day usually lasting Round three to four hours but still need more things to do.
Botboticelli hope things ok at your end?
Artandco you are lucky to be able to go to museums with your LO!! Mine would scream in such a quiet place!
Atthestrokeoftwelve yes we do go to groups but I think playing with pots pans, and the painting have given me some new ideas. Xxx

BotBotticelli Mon 07-Apr-14 08:03:38

(Mine hated the sling - even the Moby as a newborn. Even now as a toddler he never cuddles me or DH - nor will submit to being cuddled. Has never fallen asleep in our arms apart from when ill....guess he is just the most fiercely independknt little boy imaginable....still makes me feel a bit sniff! Though when I see other babies cuddles up asleep in slings or just cuddling their parents as an activity. He won't even cuddle us in our bed in the morning and woe betide us should we trie to co sleep in desperation)....

realises none of this is probably going to be believed on MN and slinks away

BotBotticelli Mon 07-Apr-14 07:58:28

Ok then - you were lucky 3 times grin

AnythingNotEverything Mon 07-Apr-14 07:44:26

I think I've just come through this- DD is now 24 weeks and back to her happy little soul personality!

Keep up with the circuits - we manage 10 minutes per activity, round and round the house.

I didn't spot it you had a jumparoo (or equivalent)?

Very funny age. Huge developmental leaps, beginning to understand the world so much more, changes to sleep patterns - it's not easy.

I think we survived it by leaving the house more often - DD needs to have new things to look at - and slowing right down. No more housework during the day- we spent lots of time sitting and talking and singing and cuddling.

atthestrokeoftwelve Mon 07-Apr-14 07:33:27

I agree with the others- it is a difficult age, my babies were frustrated too at this age, wanting to explore the world but not having the movement to do so. Do you have any mother & baby groups you could attend- they were a lifesaver for me.

Take heart in the fact your baby will be mobile in a few months time, then your DDs fun can really start!!

Artandco Mon 07-Apr-14 07:15:18

Maybe, all were the same though not just one. One thing I think helped was always in a sling facing in so could look if out if wanted or fall asleep if too much.

As toddlers we spend many a day at museums. They just walk around and around, like an indoor track when it's raining! The more mine walked the less wild they became as knackered!

BotBotticelli Sun 06-Apr-14 20:37:12

Wow artandco you were very lucky then! My DS pretty much grizzled constantly until he learned to crawl at 8mo. I would NEVER have been able to take him to a museum or gallery at 5mo!

Still couldn't now at 16mo come to think of it - for different reasons, he is pretty much semi wild now he can run and climb :-/

Just goes to prove theyre all different I suppose...

Artandco Sun 06-Apr-14 18:47:40

At that age tbh I just took them where I wanted to go.

So day like:

8am-9.30am : wake, feed, take a bath and bring baby in with me
9.30am go for walk/ visit friends/ museum/ cafe, baby slept first hour. Looked out of sling for next hour or so
12 ish home, baby watched me make lunch and eat, have play on mat whilst I tidy
1-3 ish baby nap.
3-4.30 - baby helped me work/ played on my lap/ on floor
4.30-5.30 baby nap
5.30-6 little play/ watch parent
6-7pm we swam every night with dh
7-8pm watch us eat
8pm bath blah blah, bed

wheresthelight Sun 06-Apr-14 18:39:42

Put a big plastic sheet on the floor and do hand painting. My little girl loved it!! Makes a huge mess but still worth a giggle!

Check out your local library as they often do fun things like singalong etc or Google things like baby sensory or baby sign and see if there are any free taster sessions you can go along to as they often have some good ideas.

At 5 mo my dd loved the baby Einstein dvd 's, haven't used them for a while as she discovered Chuggington but they are brilliant at stimulating and giving you half an hour to shower/clean round etc

KikiShack Sun 06-Apr-14 18:36:33

Sorry if I'm way off OP but how much does your DD nap? By the time all 3 naps my DD (6mo) needs are taken out the day there isn't a huge amount left! I find mine gets very grumpy if she's overtired.
My typical day at 5mo (before solids started):
6.45 wake, bouncing, tickles, peekaboo etc in bed with me and DP until he goes to work. Sometimes get a toy for a bit of variety, jingly ball eg
8.45 feed then nap till 10ish
10 -11 no nappy time on the playmat. 11-11.45 One of: sat in her highchair playing with wooden spoons, jam jar lids, whatever kitchen stuff looked safe! Or sat in rocker, or summer infant bumbo thing.
11.45-12.15 feed
12.15-1.45 walk in buggy to make nap.
1.45-3.45 Two of: door bouncer, highchair+household stuff, playmat, on my lap playing with toys, sitting in rocker watching me cook etc
3.45-4.45 feed then nap
4.45 read a book, sing some songs.
5.30 carry DD round while I get rooms ready for massage and bath and bedtime
5.45 bath
6 massage
6.10 feed till DD passes out!
6.45-8 settle DD repeatedly and wish she was old enough for CC

I also like to waste use time making DD's changes long and fun, after cleaning her I stroke her tummy, face, legs, feet with different things- flannel, toothbrush, cotton wool etc while talking to her about her body, or play this little piggy with her toes. She loves me repeating the same rhymes every day as I guess she feels clever when she recognises things. I can make a change take 20 minutes easily!!

By dragging things out like this the day passes very quickly and feels busy. If I don't go out for a long walk it seems a lot slower.

Sorry if that's really boring, otherwise HTH!!

BotBotticelli Sun 06-Apr-14 13:39:23

Y Y 5 months was a very tricky time with my grumpy DS too <waves at minipie, seen you lots on similar threads over the last year>.

At that age I used to sit and watch 10 mins or so of Baby TV (Sky channel 625 a few times per day in desperation when I had exhausted all other avenues of entertainment and it usually kept him happy <ducks to avoid flaming>. If you have a baby like this, screw your preconceptions about 'what kind of parent you thought you would be' and just do whatever it takes to minimise the grizzling.

Agree with other posters thought that once your baby can sit alone, crawl and then walk, things will get exponentially easier. DS1 is 16mo now and it is SO much easier dealing with a toddler than a baby who grizzles all the time. DS is still the same charatcer: needs CONSTANT stimulation, but it's much easier nowadays, we go to the park and run around picking up leaves, pushing the buggy around, chasing a ball etc and he is as happy as larry.

I think he just hated being a baby tbh!

I also second swimming: I started a weekly 30 minute 'baby swimming class' at the cheap local council pool when ds was about 5mo and he LOVED it although getting him changed was a stressfull screamfest so maybe go with someone the first few times?

And (man I am going to get double flamed!) have you considered offering a little bit of pureed veg or fruit? Yes, yes, I know the guidelines recommend starting food at 6mo but that's only a few weeks away and not all babies have read the guidelines and it's not likely that every single human will start wanting solid food at exactly the same date, is it?? I started my DS on a little bit of pureed veg once a day at 5mo and he loved it, seemed really ready and enjoyed the experience. It was like he was developmentally ready to start partaking of food, if that makes sense? Might be worth a thought.

Hang in there: I really found this stage the pits. It gets better.

minipie Sun 06-Apr-14 13:04:05

5 months was a really difficult age for my dd - onset of first teeth and couldn't sit up yet but wanted to be entertained. learning to sit and getting the first teeth through made a huge difference.

Looking in a mirror was popular iirc. One of those bouncers that hangs off a doorway (see if you can borrow one). Lots and lots of walks in the buggy - she cheered up if we went out.

You'll be weaning soon so that adds another activity!

Chickz Sun 06-Apr-14 12:41:06

Musical instruments is a great idea! Might be noisy but I'll give it a go. Yes we go swimming. Thank you.

Rumplestiltskinismyname Sun 06-Apr-14 10:12:40

Also- take her down to your local pool for a half an hour splash about?

Rumplestiltskinismyname Sun 06-Apr-14 10:11:45

This could have been me 3.5 years ago. I had the worlds grumpiest little boy!!! As soon as he started crawling- (9 months), and cruising (10 months) my life changed as he was then a joy! He has always been a busy boy, an sitting still was dull for him! Lots of baby groups with different toys to suck on, musical instruments (including homemade shakers) were a big hit, as was sitting in the bumbo watching me in the kitchen! But yy to getting out and about!

zirca Sun 06-Apr-14 10:08:38

Go for a walk? I found that my DS got really grumpy around lunchtime at that age, and that going out solved it. Go for a walk, go shopping, go to visit a friend...

Chickz Sun 06-Apr-14 10:05:46

*to fill the day (not full)

Chickz Sun 06-Apr-14 10:05:01

I'm running out of ideas to entertain my miserable and grumpy DD.
here's what we have to play with
- playmat
- bouncer
- jumperoo
- daily walk or class
- lots of toys
- reading
- baby massage
- peek a boo games
- bit of tummy time though she can't tolerate more than few minutes
- singing nursery rhymes
- rough and tumble games

But it still aint enough to full the day. She's always grumbling grizzling!!
Any more ideas?

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