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20 month old refusing to talk

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baby0684 Sat 05-Apr-14 13:58:16

My LO says about 15 words, but only I can understand them.
He will say ta sometimes, but if I ask him to say it, he refuses and bangs his head on the floor and screams.

Should I push him to say ta/thanks/please so he has the manners, or just give in?

teasleromani123 Sat 05-Apr-14 14:29:17

my son is 23months old and only says a few words and only I can understand him
I've been told that I should go to see a GP and they'll refer you to a speech and language therapy!.

but personally.. my son understands everything I say and sometimes try to copy me so I'm not in a big rush to go and see a GP. he's just a little slow, and he'll get there lol..
I wouldn't push him to talk, he'll talk when he's ready, but what I have done with my son is: Turn the telly off and get 3 of his fav toys (Thomas tank,, car,, dinosaur) and I will say to him " can you get mummy car ?" he'll bring the car to me and i'll say that's a nice car and I would ask him what is it, and he says car, and he'll put the car back and bring me another toy and so on,, he does get board after a while, so we play hide the toy but always repeating what toy I have hidden..
so love I wouldn't worry that much.. everyone is different!! xx

naty1 Sat 05-Apr-14 19:58:32

Not sure i would focus on the politeness. Just demonstrate so they can copy.
Model the things you are thinking they might say so
'Do you want any more milk'
'Is the yoghurt all gone'
'Do you need a nappy change'
Expand on what they say. Eg dog oh thats a nice dog, do you like dogs, its barking. What noise do dogs make?
I find picture books good we started with animals, cups etc. can you point to the ... Then can you say...
Is the refusing when there are other people about as they can be quite shy.
Have you had hearing checked?
We got play fruit and named it when DD brought it over.
Singing nursery rhymes, making the noises of animals etc

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