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So fed up with 2 year old's sudden obsession with TV

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Jefferson Thu 03-Apr-14 18:23:38

DS is 2.6. He has a speech delay of a year and only says about 10 words. He goes to nursery 2 days a week and is with my MIL for 1 day.

He's always been quite good at playing by himself and with me. He's got lots of toys. He's never been a big fan of watch TV except for In The Night Garden.

I was mostly using the telly as a way of keeping him occupied while I got showered and dressed or quick cooking in the kitchen etc

However over the last month he has become obsessed. He wants to watch first thing in the morning before breakfast, then after he gets dressed, waking up from his nap, before/after dinner. We have Sky+ so I have recorded stuff and then only let him watch 15 min bursts at a time. But it's still adding up. I've been saying no and refusing/trying to distract but it is so exhausting with the non stop whinging and tantrumming. I'm finding myself shouting a lot more and getting frustrated.

On top of that he seems to have lost interest in his toys/cars/colouring and I'm struggling to fill the day. We go out every day to do something..either park or soft play etc but as soon as we get in its the TV again.

What do I do apart from just saying no? And then having 5 screaming fits a day.

And why has he suddenly lost all interest in playing by himself?!

PirateJones Thu 03-Apr-14 19:06:43

If it's worrying you, then stop him watching and distract him with something else, help him by getting down and playing with him?

blueberryupsidedown Thu 03-Apr-14 19:57:37

It's very hard isn't it. I'm a childminder and one of the little boys I look after asks for the TV all the time, does the same at home. He asks for it 40 times a day. What helps is to have a set routine - watch it at the same time every day. 15 minutes after breakfast, 15 minutes after lunch or before nap, 15 minutes at bedtime with a nice glass of milk and a biscuit. Stick to the routine every single day and he will get used to it, expect it. Also, some TV shoes are good for talking, sit down with him to watch something like 'Mr Maker' on CBeebies and talk about the colours, the shapes, and try to have some craft stuff to do it too. We also like the alphablocks and I Can Cook, as you can use the recipies later on and cook with him (he is a bit young for that, maybe just lick the spoon!). I'm afraid you will have to say no and let him get on with the crying for a couple of days but he will soon learn the new routine. Stick to it, otherwise you will have a toddler with square eyes, and it's not good for his speech.

He might be loosing interest in his toys because he actually wants you to play with him. You can let him choose a toy, and get on the floor and 'commentate' his play a bit like a sports commentator. It really helps with language if you can do this maybe twice a day for ten minutes. You could also go to the library for new books?

Jefferson Thu 03-Apr-14 20:00:19

Thanks blueberry

Jaffakake Thu 03-Apr-14 22:47:20

I think it's probably a phase linked to their age. My ds, 2.6, is the same. I just say no & get him started playing something else. But he does know 'no' means 'no' with me - I'm definitely bad cop in this house!

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