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Advice with DS school behaviour

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SJPfan Wed 02-Apr-14 19:38:24

I really need some advice on not only to discover why my ds (who is 5) behaves the way he does at school but also how do I deal with it.

The only 'problems' we have with him at home is his lack of listening! He is well behaved at the childminder's but at school it seems he is becoming violent.

There have been a few instances where he has resorted to hitting or pinching his friends, if they ask him to do something or asks one of his friends something and he doesn't like the answer he seems to react by pinching or hitting them, (These are the reasons he-teacher has given me).

I have been requested to attend school to discuss the matter further.

At home he rarely gets smacked (on the back of the thigh area if got this far!), his usual punishment is the orange and red cards (green when good), a red card will be the naughty step.

He doesn't watch anything he shouldn't (he has found Tom and Jerry so maybe it's this - but then I watched it when I was young and it didn't make me violent), he eats a balanced diet (I was wondering if it was due to overload of sugar or something but can't think how this would be), we work on a 7-7 routine (on the whole) so shouldn't be tiredness that causes anything!!

I really am struggling with this. I am sure we are doing/not doing something we should/shouldn't but cannot think what it could be.

Because we both work full time we always ensure we do family one to one things with him, and mum/son dad/son times.

Any ideas, advice, or anything please help me. I really do not know what to do.

Thank you


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