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7week old doesn't really nap

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Madallie Tue 01-Apr-14 20:18:34

I know she is still really little but she self settles at night and sleeps well in between feeds (usually 8pm-1/2am, then through til 6ish, then often she goes down again Til 9 am. I know this is fab and I know how lucky we are that she does this but she really doesn't nap well at all when we are at home e.g. Today I think she had only 3 30min naps. She does nap better in the pram when out and about but this is not always possible as I have a 2.4 year old too so can not just walk miles a day to get her to sleep. When I put dd down in the day she mostly fusses and then cries, I try to resettle and resettle but this often doesn't work. I know that not settling can be a sign of OT but I have tried settling her after 45 mins awake time, 60 mins awake time and longer too but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Has anyone else experienced the same at this age? What did you do? Should I keep trying regularly everyday to get her to nap? Will naps just get better over time or do I have to do something?

I just find it so strange considering how well she settles at night.

Any help or advise greatly received.

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