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18 month DD: Eating at table / eating snacks

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GingerDoodle Mon 31-Mar-14 21:30:39

DD has always been good eater; she has been eating less lately but nothing that worried me.

What has become a problem is that when DH is home she will only sit in the highchair and eat for a few minutes before acting up. She will want to sit on his lap (which at a push is ok) but then wants to run around with her food. When its just me during the day she is miles better.
Has anyone had a similar experience? I don't mind toast in a snack pot but I refuse point blank to let her run around with pasta / yogurt etc. We have tried buying a booster seat and also letting her sit on the chair. We've even tried in front of the tv (worked but I don't want to rely on it).

Also has anyone has to cut out baby snacks completely? She's always had to occasional pack of sweetcorn rings etc and probably has a organixs cereal bar a day but she has become rather overly fond of them today refused fruit and went to the cupboard demanding them!

Overall she eats well, but the combination of a smaller appetite; not eating because she won't sit still to and demanding snacks has me slightly worried about a slippery slope! Although I appreciate I am full of cold so might be worrying over nothing and its just another phase.


mumatwork999 Mon 31-Mar-14 22:00:19

This sounds like my DS to a tee. Have you tried giving your DD something at her own small table and chair? It has helped a bit for us. Helping set the table or with 'cooking' never worked with mine but I have heard it can engage toddlers with food a bit more (our LO would happily help but still not eat!). I also had a small healthy 'treat' (apple, crackers, banana, yoghurt) in my work bag when I got home in the evening that DS liked to find and eat as 'Mummy's left over lunch' (I work fulltime, so all the dinnertime fussing is concentrated on me). Finally, changing calling 'dinner' to 'supper' and having a bit later in the evening has helped (not sure if name change or time change helped there!).

DS has got over this stage a bit now (at 3.5) but still eats like a fly, seems to prefer to eat on his own and will snack all day if we let him - but keeps growing and running about so I try not to worry!

daluze Mon 31-Mar-14 22:17:52

Regarding snacks, I've cut out any organix snacks at home for my 15 months old. It became more than annoying, constant asking and even screaming for them, and it got to a point that he would cry for them before every meal. Although moments later would eat happily whatever is on the plate. So now only fruit, yoghurt, toast or something homemade as a snack at home. He still gets organix stuff when out and about, but since he doesn't get at home, he doesn't demand anymore. Seemed a bit mean to start, but it works for everyone now.

GingerDoodle Tue 01-Apr-14 11:32:31

Thanks both; we have always in the main eaten as a family but this current phase is making me prefer to eat after she's gone to bed but I obviously don't want to be counter productive!

Haahoooo Tue 01-Apr-14 11:39:08

DD is just like this - I think it's the excitement of daddy being home! We do allow eating while sitting on his lap but strictly no walking around with food - before putting her down on the floor we ask her several if she's done eating as we're going to put her food away.

What helps on some days is having her doll or bear at the table so she can feed them whilst also eating herself. Doesn't always work though...

GingerDoodle Tue 01-Apr-14 11:43:00

Haahoooo - unfortunately DD doesn't really have a favourite dolly but I might give that a try.
Unfortunately putting her on the floor results in her a. crying or b. walking round to me and wanting up....neither make for a relaxing dinner.

Haahoooo Tue 01-Apr-14 12:01:20

No, I can see what you mean, putting down on floor doesn't always go swimmingly here either! We're lucky in the sense that everything is in one room here - dining table and her play area - so if we're lucky she'll go off and play while we finish. But not always!

Another thing that sometimes works is moving her onto dessert before we've finished our main - sometimes she'll go back in her chair for a bit if there is yoghurt / fruit...

I'm assuming as with everything that this is just a phase! Good luck

scooterland Tue 01-Apr-14 18:29:36

Sounds like you're doing the right thing. I'd cut the snack bars though as it's obviously becoming expected.
My DC gets so excited when daddy is here it's sometimes difficult. But if you want your DD to be one of those children who behaves at the table I would keep making your DD sit down for meals even if it means tears and a bit of stress now. We were v strict with that as I believe kids should be able to sit through a normal meal without running around or driving everyone crazy if they go to a restaurant. It's worked but no everyone is bothered with that.

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