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Six month old very 'shouty'

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Mrswellyboot Mon 31-Mar-14 09:19:49

Baby is generally very happy and smiles a lot

However, on his mat he shouts. But it's a loud as cinema grin
Is it just self expression or do you think he needs something (fed and changed)

Would it be pain from teething?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 31-Mar-14 09:25:05

Is he unhappy? At some point they go through this phase, my Grandma used to call it 'finding their voice'.

I think we are quite conditioned to think that noise = bad when it comes to babies, but if it is reasonably cheerful noise then I really wouldn't worry about it.

LegoCaltrops Mon 31-Mar-14 09:27:39

Our DD did this around 8 months. Everywhere, on the floor, in her buggy, in highchair in cafes, everywhere. She stopped after a few weeks (thank goodness). We decided she just liked making a noise!

Mrswellyboot Mon 31-Mar-14 09:33:00

I don't think he is unhappy

I know his cheeks are often red but he likes a bit of fun and singing, same as always

Make he is figuring himself out. It so loud though grin

li41lh Mon 31-Mar-14 09:37:49

DD is 5m, and is doing the same thing. Quite happy, just SO loud...think she's shouting at her toys!

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