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Poor drawing skills...dyslexia?

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MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Thu 27-Mar-14 22:02:06

7.5 year old ds has a few areas he struggles with. His fine motor skills are poor (but not bad enough to be Dyspraxia/DCD) and his drawings are immature with only simple figures. He still gets 3s and 9s the wrong way round. His handwriting is bad, but improving, and his spelling is not great.

His reading is ok - he was striding ahead in the reading scheme until the start of P3 when his new teacher realised he wasn't really reading, just memorising. So he was put way back down the scheme and is finding the reading easy, but still struggles with decoding trickier unfamiliar words outside the reading scheme.

Dyslexia has been mentioned before, and we were told it was possible that the (InCAS?) testing might show this up, but it didn't. Dyslexia isn't specifically tested for until the end of P3.

Sorry, that was longer than I meant it to be. My question really is does this sound like your dyslexic child at 7?

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