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Baby keeps pulling dummy out

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Taler Thu 27-Mar-14 08:43:15

When I settle my DD for a nap I offer her the dummy which she always takes but then within seconds she pulls it out. It can't be by accident as she does it too many times. She will then put her fingers in her mouth, I guess to try and settle herself but within no time she gets frustrated so I offer her the dummy, she accepts it and she allows herself to start drifting off but then again within seconds she pulls it out.

I would love for her to ditch the dummy and use her thumb/fingers instead, especially as in about a week or 2 she will be moving into her own room and at least I wouldn't have to get up to put her thumb/finger back in!

Any suggestions welcome.

ZuleikaD Thu 27-Mar-14 11:28:28

Well, I would stop offering her the dummy then... Let her find her own fingers - it might take a while longer but she'll get there if she wants to suck something.

mummyof2boys257 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:31:53

Nothing to add, just want to say ur not alone! Ds is trying to figure out how to put it in hes mouth so is constantly pulling it out, driving me nuts!

chloecorey Mon 31-Mar-14 00:54:21

My 15week old is exactly the same! I i think he might be teething though and i thought that was why he was always eating his hands but unsure now, maybe its just a baby thing?

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