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the worlds fussiest eater, PLEASE HELP!!

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Deenamumof1 Wed 26-Mar-14 09:22:41

My son is 22 months he has always been a fussy eater even whennhe was a baby I used to make him a sunday dinner and blend it but he would always spit it out, he lived off baby jars. Now hes nearly 2 hes still the same
his breakfast options are:
Banana (half before he says no)
Toast (not even slice just a square)
Or raisins
his lunch is always
supernoodles (but hes even going off them)
His dinner is always either:
chicken dippers
with some sort of potato products (e.g chips, alphabites, hula hoop potatos)
his father is a fussy eater so my mother in law is always telling me he was the same but im literally running out of things to feed him, he's going off things all the time. I try all the time to put things in front of him to try like vegetables anything really, but because he's not talking properly he just says no and pushes it away and walks away or cries until I get him out of his highchair, im so stressed sad any advice?

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