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talking back

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goldilocksnadthethreeboys Tue 25-Mar-14 12:49:23

hi there mumsnetters am a newbie so please be gentle.

I have three beautiful DS 9 7 3.

My 7yr old has suddenly started, acting out when we have visitors, talking back, generally attention seeking, but in the worst possible way, his normally good manors go out of the window, he shouts and sulks at the drop of a hat, all normal for his age I guess but the sudden personality change has thrown me, he has gone from being happy go lucky, to a sulky "kevin and perry," like child.

He is a bright child and is having no issues at school, in fact he exceeds at school, and is enjoying time in the scouting movement, again we are told how responsible he is, kind to others and generally a pleasure to have around.

When hes calm and we are chatting I broach the subject of his behaviour he insists there is nothing wrong.

PigletUnrepentant Wed 26-Mar-14 05:42:55

If he insists there is nothing wrong, I would say that the only thing you need to do is take him apart when he is rude and explain to him the behaviour is not acceptable, and that if he continues x,y,z privilege is going to be removed and carry it through no matter what.

Having said that, he is the middle one of three boys. Middle ones often feel like they are not getting as much attention as the older and younger child, and being so independent, they are also often right. I know that you love them exactly the same but just make sure that he is receiving the same amount of attention and praise as his siblings.

MrsKCastle Wed 26-Mar-14 05:59:50

What do you do when he is rude? I'd there an immediate consequence? Do you allow yourself to get drawn into arguments?

My DD is a little younger, but if she is rude, either in tone or words, I refuse to listen unless she speaks politely- if necessary I will walk away.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the talking back itself- I think that's a fairly normal stage- but the fact that he insists there's nothing wrong. That's for you to say, not him! It should be made very clear what he is doing that is unacceptable e.g. is it raised voice, tone of voice, choice of words etc.

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