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One child waking the other one up

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completelyconfused Tue 25-Mar-14 07:35:22

Every morning my 3yo crashes into her 5yo sister's room at 6am and jumps on her bed until the older one gets up. The 5yo tells me she hates this and repeatedly asks her sister to leave her alone, but eventually gives in as there is no alternative. She would sleep until 7 or 7.30 if left alone, and does not come into our room to complain - she tells me about it later. I have tried sticker charts, alarm clocks, endless explanations about how the 3yo has to play on her own until her clock says it's waking time - nothing seems to work. Any advice?

TinkerbellTrains Tue 25-Mar-14 09:15:21

I got the 3yr old to help me make a "stop/Go" sign for his 4yr old brothers bedroom door as we were having the same problems. We just cut a circle out of cardboard, put a red hand on one side and a green tick on the other.

While making it I talked to ds2 about what it was for, what it meant, what he could do instead of waking his brother. (Play with his train track quietly until his elephant clock woke up or come straight through to us.

We told ds1 to put the sign on stop before bed and turn it around to "tick" once he was happy for his brother to come in.

We gave ds2 a sticker for every morning he left his brother alone and when he had so many stickers bought him something he absolutely would love (a new thomas train)

It took a couple of weeks but for a few months now it has been great.

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