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Anyone's Child Run Away All The Time?

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YesAnastasia Mon 24-Mar-14 18:26:13

How do I deal with my DS (4.5) constantly bolting? He has (suspected) Aspergers and has no sense of fear but any tips? I'll try anything.

I swear I'll have a heart attack one day.

Goldmandra Mon 24-Mar-14 20:27:49

DD2 who has AS does exactly the same.

We now have a front door I can lock from the inside and a secure back garden.

I once had to restrain her on my own for 50 minutes from running out of a cottage in the countryside which had 5 (!) doors to outside, all of which could be unlocked without a key. This taught me a lesson and I got myself booked onto restraint training quick smart.

She has eventually learned to manage her fight or flight instinct in other ways, i.e. a punchbag, so she doesn't try to run so much these days.

Ineedmorepatience Mon 24-Mar-14 21:03:05

I used to have to put Dd3 on riens before I opened the front door, she has Asd. If she escaped she would leg it iff down the road as fast as she could and by the time she was 4 I couldnt catch her!!

I got better, she is 11 now and a flippin limpet, she doesnt move from my side and has gone from being completely unaware of danger to hyper aware confused

We worked on stopping like a statue, it took a long time but she did eventually stop running off.

Good luck smile

YesAnastasia Mon 24-Mar-14 23:27:27

I was dealing with DS2 at the time, looked up and he was gone. He was outside by the road - free as a bird. And quite exhilarated afterwards I have to say!

He does not seem to understand when I tell him. I have to be harsh so he'll remember but I look like a horrible mother. I honestly have to tell him quite scary things to have him aware of danger (still doesn't work). He hasn't done it for a while so has lulled me into a false sense of security and I trusted him when I should have bloody known!

I think I'd prefer him to be hyper aware of danger but then I'm not in that situation.

YesAnastasia Mon 24-Mar-14 23:30:53

Thank you Ineedmore the statue thing does work when I'm there and I can trust him on small repeated journeys like from school & family visits.

Gold that sounds like a nightmare I had once! I need to consider those things when booking a holiday. And a balcony for a child with no fear and very poor impulse control? Not a good idea at all.

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