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Moving 1yr old to own room

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OutNumberedByBlue2 Mon 24-Mar-14 07:39:15

Ds2 has just turned 1 & up until now has been in with dh & me for a variety of reasons that have made this necessary. In an ideal world he would have been in his own room from 6 months but things haven't exactly gone to plan.

He's always started the night in his cot & spent the majority of the night there unless he's been poorly & then the only way anyone's got any sleep is co sleeping.

Last night we tried putting him in his own room. It was hideous. It took over 2 hours to settle him, he woke up & was hysterical, ended up with me feeding him in our bed, dh took him back to his room where he slept for 2 hours, woke screaming & then came back into us where he slept firmly snuggled up next to me.

How do we get him to sleep in his own room in the least stressful way possible? I'm due back at work next week & am really worried about unsettling him.


ZuleikaD Mon 24-Mar-14 08:39:39

You could try the No Cry Sleep Solution, but tbh it just sounds as though he's not ready to move yet. Try again in a few months when he's happy to spend the whole night in his own bed.

TheGreatHunt Mon 24-Mar-14 08:44:17

Agree - wait until you've settled into work as it will be a change for him too.

Does he sleep in your bed or in his own bed in your room? If his own bed then sleep in his room with him. If in your bed then I would set up cosleeping in his room with his bed flush with yours then you can settle him in there.

Can you give some more detail so I can share some ideas?

OutNumberedByBlue2 Mon 24-Mar-14 09:36:53

He sleeps in his own bed in our room. He always starts the night in his own bed, never ours & sleeps there until 6am ish when he comes into our bed for a feed. Only when he's poorly then he starts the night in his bed but then ends up in ours as it's the only way we all get some sleep.

He's had issues with reflux (now resolved as is cmpi) & has a low immune system so is much more prone to illness (& suffers more when he is poorly) which is why we haven't been able to move him before plus his room wasn't ready thanks dh

ZuleikaD Mon 24-Mar-14 10:57:03

Oh, ok, so he does already spend the whole night in his own bed? I would still say wait until after you've started work and things have settled into the new routine, but I would also second the idea of sleeping in his room with him for a while.

TheGreatHunt Mon 24-Mar-14 11:10:05

Settle down at work then move his bed into his room with a bed for you too. Then do as you do normally and sleep in with him. This is what I did with my two and still do on occasion but they're getting better now. Both of mine have/had CMPI so sleep was never great. It did get easier as we approached 2, as teething and development leaps settled down a bit.

OutNumberedByBlue2 Mon 24-Mar-14 11:44:00

Thanks for the advice. Dh & I have been discussing it & have agreed that keeping him in our room for now while he gets used to me being back at work is the best way forward for him. He's quite the Mummy's boy, probably exasperated by everything he's been through, so I'm dreading leaving him to go back to work full time next week. The last thing we want to do is make things any more traumatic for him than they have to be, he's already had enough of that as it is.

TheGreatHunt Mon 24-Mar-14 21:08:23

Good luck! I hope the return to work is okay.

LongDivision Mon 24-Mar-14 22:38:02

Mine was in our room until just after 2. blush For the transition, we moved his bed to his room, but allowed him to sleep in a travel cot in our room for a few days. This way he got used to seeing his bed in his room - plus we could bring him back in case of massive failure (without having to disassemble the bed). Also, I managed to get him to nap in the bed in his new room once or twice before spending the night there. We didn't know what to expect, but he settled right in on the first night.
Best of all, I've slept like a baby since then.

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