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biting 7 month old

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ElizaJanina Sat 22-Mar-14 19:47:18

My 7 month old has four teeth and more coming very soon. She's been biting non stop ever since the top ones arrived. I scream when she bites into me ( arms shoulders hands) and that makes her very upset but she still keeps biting. She also bites my husband and tried to bite another child at playgroup last week before I stopped her. How do I get her to stop? I want her to break this habit before I go back to work and send her to nursery. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Jollyb Sat 22-Mar-14 21:00:32

Are you screaming because it hurts or to encourage her to stop? There's not much too much that you can do at this age. I'd simply say no and move her away. Don't turn it into a game. Don't worry it really won't last and am sure your childcarer will have dealt with it before.

Mrswellyboot Sat 22-Mar-14 21:01:55

Have you got a teether for her? Teetha granules are great too

ElizaJanina Sun 23-Mar-14 01:00:40

To be honest - screaming because it hurts! I think you're right about her age.

ElizaJanina Sun 23-Mar-14 01:01:41

Thanks she gets bored with the teether.I'll try the granules.

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