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Not sure what to make of this

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SanneSannes Fri 21-Mar-14 23:25:59

I am puzzled by my 3 yo DC1's recent comments when he describes himself...he has always been a very outgoing, social and seemingly happy boy but recently started saying that he is naughty (which he really is not,.and we never call him naughty or do naughty steps etc). Today he added that he was "not a special boy" to us and appeared very part of me is thinking that this is one of his role playing acts (which he does A LOT), but i am also a bit concerned that he appears to think that we do not appreciate him/he does not feel loved. can someone please tell me that I am interpreting too much into this?!! We do have a 17 DC2 as well however I dare say that between the two of them he is probably the one who gets more attention from us. Is this just what toddlers say?

andsmile Sat 22-Mar-14 06:28:35

Well your 3yr old got them words from somewhere?

Is it possible your 17 yr old has been doing a bit of 'parenting' I catch my 8yr old telling off my 2yr old?

Who else looks after them? Ask them if they know about these words. I personally don't mind naughty but whoever looks after him or interacts should respect you don't use that word.

But he could have picked up on this saying the opposite thing to provoke a response....May have seen on TV film or program?

andsmile Sat 22-Mar-14 06:29:53

sorry should add my ds has done the is at older ages to manipulate attentions so in don't think unusual. Wait until he says I don't love you, that stings.

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