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New stammer in 6yo

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phlossie Thu 20-Mar-14 21:43:27

At parents' evening tonight, my dd's teacher mentioned a stutter that has appeared in the last couple of weeks - something I had noticed and wanted to talk about too.

My instinct was that she's thinking faster than she can get the words out, but her teacher started asking my about anxiety.

I had a chat with my dd, which is pretty easy as luckily she is a divulger, and she told me that a girl in her class has been whispering things to my dd's best friend, and she thinks they're bad things about her. We got on to home stuff too, and she's also been worrying about our house flooding (we did last year).

She seems happy, loves school, and otherwise shows no signs of anxiety. She has always been a chatter, and has never had a stutter before or any other speech-related issues.

Any ideas? I haven't brought the stutter to her attention, but feel like she maybe needs a bit of extra attention and love for a bit, and hopefully it'll pass. Anyone know about these things? Advice would be great!

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