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Separation anxiety at 13 months?

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AdamantEve Thu 20-Mar-14 12:55:42

My DS screams blue murder if I leave a room and waits, sobbing and choking at the door, for me to return.
I leave him for one hour a week with MIL while I do an activity with my 3yo DD and he remains hysterical for the whole hour, until I come back.

Is this quite normal? When might he grow out of it and can I help him at all? I feel terrible for him because he gets so distressed. When DP is home, they have great fun together until I sneak out the room for a shower or god forbid to have a quick wee, then all hell breaks loose again and DS ignores DP and clings onto the door waiting for me!

My DD was always so independent at that age so it's all new to me! Anyone have a similar child?

babypup Thu 20-Mar-14 13:45:43

My little boy went through a stage like that at exactly the same age. It was exhausting a very upsetting. It probably lasted about 4 months and he gradually improved over time. Nothing I tried made any difference, he just came out of it in his own time. Just keep being firm but reassuring, this too shall pass!

AdamantEve Thu 20-Mar-14 16:39:49

That's good to hear babypup , I always thought separation anxiety presented at a much earlier age than this so wasn't sure if it was more down to his personality. So I feel more hopeful now that he might come through it eventually!

babypup Thu 20-Mar-14 16:47:13

Boys are so clingy! My son had another phase of it about 2.5 years of age, lasted a few weeks, then he couldn't care less again smile

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