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getting 2yo off the the bottle!

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MrsRV Wed 19-Mar-14 21:21:02

help, DD1 is just 2 but has still been having her milk (only has it in the mornings... weirdly) in a bottle. want ger to have the milk but in a cup/other drinks bottle. a. because DC2 is due soon & we need the bottles! and b. because she's old enough now to scrap the bottle.

she only drinks water the rest of the time in various cups/bottles with straws etc.

we've tried a couple of times before to give her the milk in a cup in the morning to have her cry & refuse then to cave in & transfer it into a bottle.

this morning I hyped up the nice big girls pink cup & she seemed excited and accepted that bottles were all gone but then refused when presented with the cup & just said "don't like it". we tried for a bit, left it near her a bit & tried to ignore it but in the end she happily went without.

I still want her to have the milk but just not in the frickin bottle!!!! help!!!!

sherbetpips Wed 19-Mar-14 21:37:57

Try a soft spout sippy cup (Nuby) rather than the hard plastic ones, also you may find she doesn't like the no drip filters, like the hard avent bottles as it is just too much effort at comforting milk time.

bellablot Wed 19-Mar-14 21:42:39

Does she really need the milk?

RandomMess Wed 19-Mar-14 21:44:31

Stop the milk altogether for a few months and then reintroduce it in a cup.

5madthings Wed 19-Mar-14 21:49:19

Tbh with a new baby coming I would let her have it, she may well regress a bit, need more comfort when the baby arrives. One bottle of milk in the mornings is no big deal. Just keep her bottle separate from the baby's bottles. She will have a different teat I am guessing?

Hineslty in a few months she will probably be ready to give it up, but if this a comfort amd she likes it its not doing any harm for her to have it smile

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