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Anyone found grommets made huge behaviour difference/improvement?

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whatwillhappennext Wed 19-Mar-14 14:51:28

I am hoping there might be someone out there who has been through this scenario. DD is 5 and in reception. She is bright on some levels (taught herself to read and reads voraciously) but doesn't talk to other children and gets very stressed at school. She is also very difficult to teach as she is an ultra perfectionist and won't even try something if she thinks she won't be able to do it. She refuses to do what she is asked at home and at school and can generally be very difficult. School have been very good and she has been assessed at preschool and school for possible HFA but both times the EP has said she is very bright and is under stimulated and will play with other children when she finds it satisfying but for the moment she is happy entertaining herself.

Just by chance we found out in November that she has a mild/moderate hearing loss caused by glue ear and has been on the waiting list for grommets and adenoids (for persistent vile runny nose). My gut feeling is that all her behavioural issues are linked to the fact that she has probably had glue ear since she was tiny (as nose has been persistently vile since then) and has spent most of her life until now in a bubble. I am hoping that the grommets and the lack of snot will change everything - has this happened for anyone or am I kidding myself.

Feeling slightly desperate as just had SENCO on phone saying she has been running away from the classroom again and they have had to take her off for one to one supervision for the nth time in the last few weeks and that they don't know what to do next. Thanks

mymiraclebubba Thu 20-Mar-14 00:20:33

My godson had them fitted a few years ago for same reason as your dd, unfortunately it did bugger all to improve his behaviour but at least he can now hear his mum tell him off now!

sunnyfriday Thu 20-Mar-14 08:00:18

My child had grommets. He displayed a lot of asd symptoms at that time (speech/language delay, tantrums, just being difficult). Grommets sortet the ongoing ear infections which was brilliant but not the other issues. We later received a dx for autism.

the things you describe could be glue ear related (we were hoping the same back then). But glue ear can aldo be a red herring.
You will probably only know for sure once grommets have been fittet.
good luck.

sunnyfriday Thu 20-Mar-14 08:02:54

who has assessed her for Asd? an EP cannot diagnose it (he can only make recommendations as to how to support her learning best).
If you have concerns about asd, then you need to get referred to a developmental paed.

DeWe Thu 20-Mar-14 10:44:16

Ds had grommets at 20 months, 3.6yo and recently at 6yo.

He did display ASD like behaviour at preschool, and reception form, and I was told that it was typical of glue ear. He was better when he got the grommet at 3.6yo, until it came out during reception year.
The scholl could tell from his behaviour how well he could hear and if he had an ear infection.

This time (age 6yo) his general behaviour is much better and it has made less difference.

whatwillhappennext Thu 20-Mar-14 11:28:33

Thank you so much for coming back to me. School and preschool referred her to an ep. In both cases I met with them and they both said they didn't have any asd type concerns. School does because she just withdraws when she gets there. I have always said it is like the curtains come down when she goes in. I used to have asd concerns but less so now as when she is feeling well and not completely suffused with snot her behaviour is quite good as long as she is interested. I know we will only find out after op, but now we have date and school are raising concerns again all my fears resurrect. I have made school very aware again of the extent of her hearing loss so hopefully they will remember better.

blueberryupsidedown Thu 20-Mar-14 12:45:46

Can I just recommend something - we did this with DS and it helped clear his glue ear. It's called Otovent, it's basically a balloon that the child blows through the nose (it is quite funny really, and it does take some effort from the child and not all children can do it) but it's not expensive to try, you can order it online. DS had glue ear on and off since 2 years old and had issues with speech and social skills, but his glue ear was never severe enough for him to have grommets. Using otovent has kept his ears glue-free (!!) this winter and it has made a difference with his speech, understanding and social skills. He didn't have any behaviour problems though. I can't help you any further...

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