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2 year old hitting our new baby

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handolliesmummy Wed 19-Mar-14 14:34:52

We've been at home with our new baby, ds2, for 5 days. DS1 is a typical just turned 2 year old loving and funny but also boisterous and temperamental.

Since we've been home he wants to look at his brother and cuddle him and kiss him which we're very encouraging of but he also wants to grab and scratch his face and hit his head and throw whatever toy is in his hand at him.

We've tried naughty step and telling him off by but that made him more angry and worked up. We've tried removing him from the area and making a big fuss of the baby and ignoring his bad behaviour then telling him he shouldn't hit makes us sad hurts his brother etc. That doesn't stop him doing it again but certainly diffuses his frustration immediately.

Does this phase pass? At the moment were having to keep them separate so ds2 in his basket on a higher surface so ds1 can't reach in and whack him and when he wants to cuddle the baby we obviously supervise but we're on our nerves!

My poor new baby has scratches on his face and my poor ds1 is being watched like a hawk ans being told off a lot.

Please can someone help! What the best way to deal with this behaviour and does it get better?!?!


NCISaddict Wed 19-Mar-14 14:45:20

I had this when DS was born, there was a 20 month gap between him and DD and I swear she could quite easily have done some serious damage to him. We had to supervise all the time and never left them alone together whilst DS was tiny.
I dealt with it by giving DD lots and lots of attention when she was behaving nicely, trying to notice the tiniest nice thing she did and telling her how much DS liked her. I also tried to distract if I saw her heading for him with malice aforethought. smile
That was combined with a zero tolerance for her hitting/hurting just as I would if she hurt any body else or even the dog. A very firm 'NO' and removing her from the scene.
At the time it seemed relentless but 20 years later they are the best of friends and it honestly didn't take 20 years.grin We do joke that she spent the first couple of months of his life trying to murder him!
As soon as he was smiling and taking notice she became better and then there were just the usual sibling squabbles.

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