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at my wits end!

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mathew03 Wed 19-Mar-14 10:12:35

My 10 year old son is absolutely foul with me. His father does not live with us and has been unemployed since his birth. He has contributed nothing to his upbringing. Being the mug that I am I have funded him for the past 10 years!!! Now the writing is on the wall and I absolutely refuse to give him a penny. The result is that he says he cannot afford to have his son for the weekend and do anything with him! All is my fault! I ave tried to reason but to no avail.My son gets very angry with me. I am the bad one obviously. I should have listened to my mother years ago and give my ex nothing! Any suggestions? But I am not giving a penny and will stick it out. Maybe in time the anger will go. Lets hope!

BumpyGrindy Wed 19-Mar-14 11:38:43

Your son will see in later years that it's the right thing...but for now, can your son still see his Dad? Can't they just have nights in? In your shoes I'd be sending my DS over with a DVD and some nice snacks because at least then your son's time isn't too miserable.

ExBrightonBell Wed 19-Mar-14 13:27:55

You will unfortunately take all the flak now from your ds, but in the long run he will begin to be aware of how his father is behaving.

No good parent would stop seeing their child due to not having enough money.

Don't let him blackmail you into giving him money again. Send your ds with a packed lunch/tea and then there is no argument to be had. Your ex doesn't need money to spend time with his son - suggest they play football, go for a walk, watch a DVD (you can provide if necessary), just hang out watching telly etc.

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