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My little pessimist

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Sunriseshelley Mon 17-Mar-14 09:45:49

I'm a bit lost as to what to do or where to go from here
Dd 5 has turned into such a negative child, For example we have a party to go to on the weekend, I've told her that's what we will be doing on Sunday afternoon and she's saying 'I do t want to go I don't like such and such parties' when in reality once she's there she loves it
Her teacher has said she is the same in school, says she hasn't done good work when she's being commended for it etc
This negative attitude tends to crop up now and again and I recognise it's usually in new situations but there's nothing new going on in our lives at the moment and I don't know how best to deal with it.
Does anyone have any experience of this or recommendations?

MrsKent Mon 17-Mar-14 11:00:49

At home you colud keep a memory book, in the example of the party, when she is there having fun take some pictures and keep them in the book. Make sure she looks smiley and happy. Do the same in other situations when she is having fun. Look at the book often to remind her of the good moments. If she has a tendency to remember feelings of anxiety or fear of change this way you can remind her of more positive emotions.

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