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How early can a baby crawl?

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fuckwittery Sun 16-Mar-14 22:49:03

DD3 is covering good ground by rolling proficiently either way and a kind of worm shuffle and sideways plank thrust and occasionally backwards all fours crawling. Believe me, I wasn't keen to have an early crawler/mover but she is now unbelievably frustrated at not being able to move exactly where she wants as fast as she wants, and the days of happy kicking on the play mat are gone, she is crying all the time getting stuck in silly positions and wont chill out for a nap. Plus she keeps waking up in the night and practising trying to crawl. I feel she'll be happier when she can actually crawl. But she's still a week shy of 5 months, have I potentially got weeks of this frustration or might it be possible she'll crawl in the next few days? Surely way too early? PFB crawled at just over 6 months and was considered a prodigy in my NCT group, DD2 was a more normal 8 months.

Dwerf Sun 16-Mar-14 22:55:15

My youngest crawler was ds, he used to commando crawl. Four and a half months. He was a year old when he walked.

Ludways Sun 16-Mar-14 23:10:34

My dd was crawling at 5 months and walking at 9.5 months. Get ready!

tallulah Sun 16-Mar-14 23:11:20

My DS2 crawled (backwards) at 4 months and was pulling himself up to stand at 5 months. Was a PITA at the time as all the other 5 mo babies we met were lying flat on their backs.

elQuintoConyo Sun 16-Mar-14 23:24:40

Turned back-to-front at 3mo, crawled at 5mo, walked at 8mo+3wks. Yes, the whole '5 steps' thing. I can never mention this irl as I get 'woopidoo for you, conyo' looks from other mums, even though they've just asked the bloody question! I'm never smug.

ramonaquimby Sun 16-Mar-14 23:37:55

Dd2 was properly crawling at 5 months and walked at about 11 months. She was tiny! And looked very odd when she did.

5madthings Sun 16-Mar-14 23:46:17

Ds2 crawled at 5mths and walked at 8mths. Was pulling to stand at 6mths and cruising round furniture at 7mths.

It was a nightmare!

duchesse Sun 16-Mar-14 23:52:37

Some children mature physically faster than others. There is nothing prodigious about early physical development- it's purely dependent on the maturity of neural pathways. They (mostly, barring problems) all get there in the end and someone has to be "first" and someone "last", even though it's not a race.

MummyPig24 Mon 17-Mar-14 03:26:53

I know a baby who crawled properly at 4mtgs and walked at 7 mths.

MummyPig24 Mon 17-Mar-14 03:28:32

I know a baby who crawled properly at 4mtgs and walked at 7 mths.

fuckwittery Mon 17-Mar-14 03:42:06

Hmmm looks like I better find those stair gates then! Been!
Duchesse I was firmly tongue in cheek when I mentioned my DD1 being regarded as a prodigy for crawling at 6m (late in comparison to those on this thread!), it's just she crawled (stood and walked) so much eArlier than all the other babies in the group. I was forever getting her out of mischief while the other mums sat there leaving their coffee on the floor and their babies merrily staying where they put them down.
And I'm up at 3.30 with dd3 trying to crAwl in her cot arrgh!

fuckwittery Mon 17-Mar-14 03:42:43

Don't know what been! was meant to be, eeek! Maybe

DeWe Mon 17-Mar-14 09:49:49

I knew a baby (not mine) who was properly crawling at 3 months.

Dd2 and ds both were crawling before 6 months, though commando rather than all fours. I was a bit surprised with dd2 as I'd been told she was likely to not crawl or at any rate be a late crawler due to her missing hand. She was walking by 8 months too, which again I'd been told she would probably be late because of less balance. However she didn't sit until gone 10 months.
Sympathies with the crawling in the cot. Ds learnt to climb out of his cot at 7 months-wearing a sleeping bag too. I ended up putting him on a mattress on the floor as that was at least not going to splat on the floor.

Dd1 was 6 months sitting, 9 months crawling, 14 months walking, and was so much easier. I found the early crawlers had no common sense when to stop. Reached the end of the bed... continue crawling until falling cartoon style. Dd1 would stop in plenty of time. grin

Nareno Mon 17-Mar-14 10:24:41

Mines an early crawler too, up on all fours at 5.5 months, but like previous commentator says, no common sense, constant head bangs, get ready to spend your days chasing after the baba!

addictedtosugar Mon 17-Mar-14 10:25:25

DS2 was moving across the room at 4.5 months. We called the catterpillering.
He was crawling at 5 months 2 days....
yes to the gates!

rallytog1 Mon 17-Mar-14 13:33:35

Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but my dd was doing exactly the same at that age, but only just started crawling last week aged 10.5m! Suffice to say it has been a frustrating few months. Hope things go a little more quickly for you.

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