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gross motor skills delay??

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elliefant Sun 16-Mar-14 16:41:27

hi my baby is 8.5 months old, a few pple close to me have said i should get her checked out at the doctors. My health visitor says babies develop at their own rate and only worry after 12 months. My baby was born at 38 weeks weighing 6lb, she is still quite small but her weight gain has been steady so no concerns there. She is not sitting unsupported. She doesn't weight bear, if you hold her up she bends her knees although she can kick very well. There is no attempt to crawl, she hates tummy time and would only lift her head up around 5 months. She rolls straight onto her back now if you lay her on her front, she has on a couple of occassions rolled onto her front but needed help as her arm gets stuck. She usually has her arms bent so her fists are up by her ears although this is usually tiredness. I have only heard her cry when she has her jabs and she doesn't laugh properly (the odd chuckle). She sometimes can appear a bit wobbly especially with her head - like those nodding dogs on car shelves! BUT - she is quite vocal (no babbling as such) and blows raspberries. She is very happy and smiley. She's very aware of her surroundings, she knows what 'food' means, she turns to familiar sounds and her name. She can clap, do hi 5 and is start to wave although its still a bit haphazard. She grabs everything within reach, passes from one hand to another and bangs things together. She knows certain songs ie this little piggy and grins before i get to the end, and pulls back when you hold her hands for row your boat. Apart from a few hiccups i dont have a problem with her eating, she has 3 meals a day and drinks out of a cup. She is now sleeping through the night and naps ok during the day. So do i leave her to get to the motor skills when she's good and ready or get her checked out now just in case?

Ferguson Sun 16-Mar-14 17:24:12

I'm only an elderly dad, and don't exactly remember what our DS was doing at that age, but he had a little chair, and I made a low-level table so he could sit and play at it. So he had Duplo and other toys on it, and we started to do counting and colours (and even though children don't understand a great deal, talking and sharing activities is good.) Stacking shapes, blocks, 'post-box' shapes (introduction to jigsaw puzzles) are all useful activities.

Do you share board books with her, and read to her? Recent report said too much 'screen time' for under 3 yrs old risks damaging development and they are better off with more 'traditional' activities.

DS also did music, as we had a big Yamaha organ at the time, and we would hold him on the bench and he pressed notes and buttons. He went on to do music GCSE and A level, and got Grade 8 as a teenager. Obviously not everyone can do that, but playing suitable nursery songs (but not zapped up pop versions), singing with her, maybe some non-dangerous little percussion instruments would give her physical things to do to music.

Do you take her to any baby or toddler groups yet, as mixing with babies of similar are could be good, and you will both see what others are doing.

So I'm not qualified to judge, but she sounds on-track to me.

Trooperslane Sun 16-Mar-14 17:27:53

I think you should get her checked out for your peace of mind, nothing else.

She sounds fine to me (no expert though I've just flicked through the baby book the HV gave me)

Good luck op, it's so worrying when other people give their opinions fast and furious.


kimlo Sun 16-Mar-14 17:36:14

she sounds like my dd2 did at that age. She does have gross motor skill delay caused by hypermobility.

it might be something, it might be nothing but its worth a visit to the hv just to put your mind ay rest.

elliefant Sun 16-Mar-14 18:39:16

thank you for your replies ferguson: my baby doesn't watch tv!! i do read to her and spend lots of time playing with her she loves action rhymes and banging things together. I don't take her to baby groups as I used to work in parent and toddler groups and used to see how other parents behave towards each other lol - my baby is surrounded by cousins and friends babies of similar age which is how i can see a very noteable difference. she has a check up at 10 months with the hv so i shall discuss the concerns that have been voiced to me. hopefully its nothing more than a bit of laziness!!

MadameJosephine Sun 16-Mar-14 18:53:03

Hi ellifant, my DD has a gross motor delay caused by hyper mobility like the previous poster. I do think it's a bit early to say yet though. My DD didn't roll till 9 months, didn't sit until 12 and only started crawling at 14 months. She still doesn't weight bear at 16 months so has been referred for physio. I do think you should mention your concerns to your HV though and if things don't improve she can then refer you on if needed

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