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Bed time for 9 and 6 year old?

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FedupofTurkey Wed 12-Mar-14 08:36:53

Bit of background, they share a room and keep each other awake, chatting/ annoying each other! They go up happily enough but are a nightmare to go to sleep.

What time do other 6/ 9 year old settle. Do you allow tv?

spookyskeleton Wed 12-Mar-14 08:42:04

I have a 5 and (nearly) 8 year old who share a room. DS2 goes to bed between 7.30 -8 and DS1 between 8.30-9 by which time DS2 is fast asleep so they don't disturb each other.

I know it is late for DS1 but he doesn't need that much sleep and this way makes it so much easier -although last night, we let him stay up to watch the first half of the football and he fell asleep on the rug at about half 8!

On the odd occasion that DS2 is awake when DS1 goes to bed (usually when DS2 has had a sneaky nap during the day hmm ) I let DS1 go to sleep in our bed and then move him when we go to bed.

Fuzzymum1 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:18:04

At 6 my kids go to bed at 7.30, by 9 it would be 8.15 with 30 minutes to read after that. Bedtime gets later by 15 minutes each birthday.

Ingsy457 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:27:02

My 9 year old DS goes up to bed at 7:30, reads until 8 then is allowed half an hour of TV, lights out at half 8. My DD is coming up to 2 and is in bed by 7 so he gets some time with me without her around, and it gives her time to settle before he goes upstairs. He gets to stay up a bit later at the weekend if we are playing a game or something, but never past 9. I know some of his friends can stay up later than that but personally I want/need some adult time which means no kids downstairs after 7:30pm!

deelite72 Wed 12-Mar-14 13:57:00

Just sort of echoing the others. I think that your 9 year old should be in bed around 8-8:30. You'll find that by staggering bedtimes, you'll eliminate the problem of the two of them chatting into the night. Though on an emotional, motherly note, those chats in the night will be laughed about and talked about when your two boys grow up and have kids of their own. My brothers shared a room and this really bonded them. When you ask about TV, I would say no TV in the actual bedroom but that's just me and my own opinion, which isn't for everyone. I think a bit of telly in the living room before bed is no big deal, imo.

moogalicious Wed 12-Mar-14 14:00:40

A 9 and nearly 7 year old here. They both go to bed at 8pm and are allowed to read until lights out at 8.30. No TVs in bedrooms.

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