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unhealthy friendships

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ElinElin Mon 10-Mar-14 11:02:32

My DD is 8 and she has been best friends with a girl since reception. on a weekly basis for quite a long time my dd comes home very upset because her and her friend have had an argument. My dd tells me that her friend spreads rumours about her, she shouts at her, sometimes makes fun of her if she cannot do something. Doesn't want my dd to play with other children but she (my dd friend) would go off and play with someone and then when they are not nice to her she would come back to my dd and "beg her" to be friends again. If my dd does well in school i.e. gets a certificate or something her friend roles her eyes or says something in a sarcy way. There are of course times in between all this that they are friends but in my opinion it is happening on a far too regular basis. My dd has for a while been complaining about stomach ache, headache and started waking up in the night to go to the toilet. I am now thinking that it might be because she is worried and this friendship is making her feel upset. Not sure how to advice my daughter to handle this and move on. She has got other friends to play with at school but when she tries to her so called best friend gives her a hard time. Any advice please

pictish Mon 10-Mar-14 11:04:08

Speak to the school about it, and ecourage your daughter to be less of a pleaser. It's a good time for her to learn about self preservation.

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