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toddler bedding

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MrsRV Sat 08-Mar-14 21:59:33

DD is 2 next week. for the last few nights we've taken side off of cot and used bed guard to try & get her ready for big girls bed (will need cotbed for DD2 arriving in May). DD didn't even bat an eyelid & hasn't tried to escape!! grin moved to next step today & put pillow & 4.5 tog quilt in with her. she fell asleep no probs but within half an hour she'd disappeared off the pillow & under quilt. went up to sort her out & she was drenched in sweat so have taken quilt & pillow off and gone back to celluar blanket. she usually sleeps in a vest & pjs & blanket with heating on low. tonight heating was off & no vest. so... what now?

Poll32 Sat 08-Mar-14 22:28:14

If your daughter sleeps well in her pjs with the blanket, then why not keep it the same until she's used to the bigger bed. Once she's used to sleeping in the bed, introduce the duvet (think the vest will be too much). I don't think she will need a pillow yet. My son only got a pillow when he turned 3 or so. Hope that helps!

ZuleikaD Sun 09-Mar-14 06:43:40

Just use the amount of bedding that she's comfortable with. DS2 feels the cold so sleeps on a sheepskin in vest, cotton sleepsuit, fleece sleepsuit, sleeping bag, duvet and blanket. DD sleeps in pyjamas and has a duvet. All children are different.

BumpyGrindy Sun 09-Mar-14 07:24:36

Ditch the vest! Poor kid grin

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