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6.7 year old ds scared to eat food nothing to do with choaking HELP

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Lilz147 Fri 07-Mar-14 10:11:28

Apologies if this is the wrong board very new here and again sorry if its long my ds is 6 years old, before he was 3 he would eat almost anything but these last few years have gotten steadily worse with the last 3 months being hell, he eats all fruit which is obviously a gd thing but that's really about where it ends.

I used to take him to swimming lessons at first he was fine then he started to have Diarrhoea before going in as if he was far to nervous and was making him self not well so i just stopped the lessons (there is a point to this story i promise) now its got to the stage he will eat no breakfast then at skl for his snacks i will give him a small packet of crisps and a piece of fruit he eats this no problem for his school lunch he will only take a pack lunch refuses to eat skl dinners but he will only eat brown bread with jam on it or banana that is it he will not eat any meats or anything other than the jam or banana, soon as he comes home from school and i mention dinner this is where u can see the panic setting in and regardless to what i make even if it was his fav dinner all of what of 3 months ago he insists on going to the toilet where he has diarrhoea every day without fail and he will not even touch his food he will ask for either dry cereal(rice crispies) or yogurt with fruit and he will happily eat this but he is eating no real food.

its only me and ds in the house we have always had the best relationship with not much drama at all ive hardly ever needed to raise my voice to him but these last few weeks especially have been hell and im really struggling with what to do do i take him to docs and explain situation? is there anything i can do to help the situation

he is 4 and a half stone and a big boy in 7-8 years clothes so not in any way under weight and doesn't look un healthy but i am honestly so worried about this whole situation

any advice appreciated

Forgettable Fri 07-Mar-14 14:42:30


this all sounds terribly upsetting for everybody

how do you feel about making an appointment with your GP to talk it through? you would probably get a referral to a dietician or maybe a paed to help you to unpick what is going on

an additional thought - this is counter-intuitive at first I know - I wonder if he has chronic constipation, where there is a lot of poo in the bowel and the constant diarrhea is leakage of fresh poo around the blockage. this website, ''eric'' is very helpful. scroll down for soiling, particularly the bit about liquid poo

odyssey2001 Fri 07-Mar-14 14:52:31

I wonder about constipation too. Bananas and yogurt can cause constipation and it doesn't sound like he is getting any fibre. The anxiety could be caused by the blockage and the anxiety could cause bowel spasms, resulting in a loose movement. But I'm no doctor - go see one asap.

Guardianto2 Fri 07-Mar-14 14:53:04

Could the fruit thing be because schools and things drill into kids about "healthy food", They even weigh them. Maybe he's worried that fat will build up around his heart and so on?

Lilz147 Fri 07-Mar-14 16:40:10

Thanks for all your reply's i will make a doctors app on Monday think its needed, in just going to let him eat whatever and when ever he wants this weekend untill we have seen the doctor as me stressing and trying to get him to eat any real food is surely just adding to things sad

and i don't think the fruit thing is just school all though he does often say that's not healthy that's not healthy but hes always been a massive fruit eater from being a baby he has always loved both dried and fresh fruit

thanks for the link as well will take a look

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