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Any bedtime tips for 3yr DS .... just moved from cot to bec

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DeliaOnIce Wed 05-Mar-14 21:53:33

Have just moved nearly 3yr old ds from cot to big bed. Have also moved him into a bigger bedroom. Have just spent 2 hours trying to settle him!! Any tips for an easier bedtime tomorrow night gratefully received! How long til I can expect him to self settle to sleep again ... im missing that already!

tinyturtletim Wed 05-Mar-14 21:58:18

Personally I would of moved cot into bigger bedroom then done the cot to bed once settled in there.

It may take a week or so but persistent putting back into bed and no giving in to leaving the room is your best bet

DeliaOnIce Wed 05-Mar-14 22:03:28

Thanks and good point (why didnt i think of that)!! Persistence and knackered will be this weeks theme!!

tinyturtletim Wed 05-Mar-14 22:05:17

Good luck. They are tough cookies to crack

AuditAngel Wed 05-Mar-14 22:13:37

Good luck, a year in our 3 year old is in our bed.

TheGreatHunt Thu 06-Mar-14 08:36:28

We sat with ds until he fell asleep. Then you can do gradual retreat.

brettgirl2 Thu 06-Mar-14 16:50:30

he will settle get used to it. After all if he was big on getting out of bed he would have climbed out of his cot long ago!

Misty9 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:33:04

I'm afraid moving to a bed (cot bed minus sides initially) was the end of self settling for our ds! He was 22mo and now at 2.6 we are still having to sit with him until he falls asleep... And he's in our bed at least some of the night around 50% of the time. Sigh. It's a big change for some of them I think. Good luck!

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