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Fidgety sleeper!

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Babyb2013 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:52:07

Anyone else's baby fidget a lot in their sleep? My 13 week moves about and fidgets so much she ends up waking herself up! She rubs the back of her head on the mattress of the crib and rubs her face, whilst rolling about!! What's all that about?! Anything anyone has tried for this?

Acommonreader Wed 05-Mar-14 19:33:40

Yes, Ds is a noisy and fidgety sleeper. He's 15 mths now and has slept 6.30 til 7 since 5 mths but I can hear him on the monitor constantly. I had to move him from Moses basket to cot a bit early because of him waking himself up with arm waving etc . He's slept through ever since. Now he even talks ( noises) in his sleep now as well. As long as he stays asleep I don't worry, was very odd when he was tiny though. Maybe try swaddling?

EatDessertFirst Wed 05-Mar-14 22:29:20

DS now 3 was a very fidgety/noisy sleeper (think cageful of hamsters sounding!). He has always been a good sleeper, self-settling etc but we had to put him in is own room at six weeks as I was not getting a wink of sleep because of his constant movement/snuffling. He sleep-talks on a regular basis now.

No real advice but have some thanks. Some are just fidgety I reckon. X

Taler Thu 06-Mar-14 08:28:46

No one tells you how noisy babies are when they sleep!

My 4 month old DD has fidgeted, grunted and flailed her arms since day 1.

We swaddled when she was smaller and now use a cocoon type swaddle that she's zipped into.

She definitely sleeps better when her arms are restricted so I would advise maybe looking into getting one too?

She will also be going into her own room too in another few weeks so we can hopefully get some decent sleep.

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