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Cot bumpers - yes or no?

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moomin35 Tue 04-Mar-14 17:00:38

Hi, im sorry if this has been discussed before. I am a first time Mum and have read on some websites to avoid cot bumpers because they can cause sudden infant death (SID) syndrome. Obviously i am really concerned by this but also see that mothercare and other large stores freely sell them so are they really a problem and do you use one?

Artandco Tue 04-Mar-14 17:07:26

No. They are really dangerous. I know one baby who nearly died from the ties and another who was found face into bumper and had to be resuscitated

Just cot sheet to lay on and baby in sleeping bag. Shouldn't have any fluffy teddies/ blankets/ duvets/ pillows either

Nerris Tue 04-Mar-14 17:20:25

Hi, it really is personal preference. However once my babies were old enough to roll and wriggle around I found having a cot bumper made things more comfortable for them and they didn't wake themselves up as frequently by banging into the sides.

Make sure they don't have lacey trimming as they can get their fingers stuck. Also use common sense and make sure they are secure and well-fastened.

You can get breathable ones now I believe which are thinner obviously but might give peace of mind if you are unsure.

caz05 Tue 04-Mar-14 17:51:48

You can buy breathable ones that are made out of a mesh. It stops then putting their hands/arms/legs through the bars but will enable them go breath of the happen to roll against it. I never brought one though but did contemplate it but decided against cot bumpers completely in the end

Enidosaurus Tue 04-Mar-14 17:57:33

I bought one of these
(Hope link works!)
Was fab for stopping legs and arms getting caught but safe enough to breath through an couldn't take any weight so DD couldn't climb out.

slightlyconfused85 Tue 04-Mar-14 20:14:05

When my daughter became significantly mobile she started banging her head against the cot bars and waking up several times an hour. This was when I got some thin cot bumpers - they can't take her weight, they just collapse, but they do stop her from hurting herself. Each to their own, but I wouldn't for a very young baby.

jaybirdsinginginthedeadofnight Tue 04-Mar-14 20:19:53
We use these only in blue, they are great breathable but do the job of cushioning against bumps, and keeping arms and legs in. They are not sturdy enough to be used as a climbing aid either.

jaybirdsinginginthedeadofnight Tue 04-Mar-14 20:23:05

Just realised I repeated a PP - my bad! But yeah I second airwraps grin

SoonToBeSix Tue 04-Mar-14 20:23:46

No, they are dangerous don't understand why shops sell them.

Meglet Tue 04-Mar-14 20:32:26

No. I didn't put bumpers, blankets or toys in the cot. Just a fitted sheet and the grobag.

curiousuze Tue 04-Mar-14 21:14:05

I didn't bother because my DS used to smoosh his face into the side of his Moses basket and suck the fabric - he would have done the same with the bumpers so was too stressful and risky for me!

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