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Extra-sensitive 3 year old?

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vladthedisorganised Tue 04-Mar-14 15:48:28

Wondering if this is normal...

DD is a generally happy little thing and in many respects quite fearless. However, she can be extremely sensitive to touch at times - something that has been raised with me by her preschool and which I've also seen at home. As an example, if another child brushes past her she cries as if she's been hit; at home she howls as if she's broken something if she steps on a pillow. As far as I can make out, it doesn't appear to be an attention-seeking thing (she's perfectly capable of seeking attention by talking constantly); doesn't appear to be linked to tiredness particularly, and she doesn't appear to have any other issues or sensitivities.

Has anyone else experienced this with a 3yo? or is this something I should be keeping an eye on?

TallulahMcFey Tue 04-Mar-14 18:02:41

My 3 year old is a bit like that. If at a play area and someone touches him, he shouts "ow, ow" as if they hit him. Can be a bit embarrassing. If I brush past him and knock him slightly, he follows me round saying the same, until I make a fuss of him. He also doesn't like walking babies as he's come across a few that grab him. At nursery (just started) he doesn't like the other children touching him, eg grabbing his top to look at the picture, and says they are "meanies" even though that is just their way and not being rough. A lot of 3/4 year olds are quite tactile and I just don't think he understands it. He has 2 older sisters aged 19 and 11 and so not used to any rough and tumble. I guess he'll just outgrow it. I'm not worried about it because in all other ways he acts exactly like a typical 3 year old boy, sociable etc - just a bit of a drama queen!

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