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DD excitement leads to being sick - help! please!

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amess Fri 12-Mar-04 08:39:13

Anyone had/have experience of this? DD can get excited over even the smallest event/trip out, even when you don't think it's anything to get excited about as it's not that great. This excitement mostly seems to lead to being horribly sick without warning.

We have tried plenty of warning about what we have planned, little warning, no warning and playing down the fun/excitement factor "oh well it might be fun we'll see" type of comments but still it happens. Thinking about going to doctor but probably be told don't do anything and dd wants to go to places so what do we do just deprive her of ever going to places? CAN ANYONE HELP????? Many many thanks for reading/replying.

Evita Fri 12-Mar-04 09:57:08

amess, how old is she? I don't have experience of this with my dd, 17 months, but apparently I used to be very like this as a child. I'd either be sick or have to rush to the loo but I don't think it particularly distressed me as much as it did my parents.

binkie Fri 12-Mar-04 10:41:18

Do you have a sense of what the immediate triggers are - is it rushing around, or eating too fast ... or nothing so simple as that? I ask because ds (nearly 5) does this too sometimes, and he's greedy and phlegmy (sp?) as well as excitable, so he eats too much too fast, rushes around giggling, which makes him cough and splutter, then he's sick. The only adjustment I've made is to try and have running around fun happen before a meal not after. Bit obvious really. Also, it doesn't bother him at all.

I'm expecting him to grow out of it - if you think back to childhood parties there always was at least one child sick, but not (at least for the same reasons!) once we were teenagers. The only other solution I've thought of is to try breathing exercises, because I do think his sickness has something to do with breathing rhythms going awry - but of course he'd prefer the excitement at this age. Sympathies to you.

amess Fri 12-Mar-04 10:50:16

Not related to running around nor eating or eating too quickly just seems to be plain excitement which makes it difficult to see how we can help/control the problem other than leading a very boring life! DD has been getting stressed about it as hates being sick and she has got very good at trying to breath slowly but it usually happens so quickly don't think even she always realises or wants to acknowledge it maybe.

amess Fri 12-Mar-04 10:51:35

Problem is we have a nice treat coming up been planning to do for months and now thinking maybe we shouldn't but it's something she has been asking for and we can finally do it! What do we do!!?!!

binkie Fri 12-Mar-04 11:19:21

Poor you, sorry. In your place (and as you can see I am sometimes!) I would still do the special thing, armed with bags & spare clothes, unless it's something formal like going to the theatre, which I'd put off for now (still don't know how old your dd is?).

I seem to remember that Christopher Green in one of his books has a bit on managing sickness - it's more about being sick on purpose as an attention-getting tactic, than poor child like yours who can't help it - but it might have ideas? Also it might have suggestions on anxiety generally, as that might be what's underlying your dd's problem?

suedonim Fri 12-Mar-04 12:02:52

I don't know how you feel about this, but if it's a big occasion coming up, what about giving her a travel sickness medicine? I used to be travel sick (well, still am at times!) but sometimes it was mixed up with excitment. Or Rescue Remedy or a homeopathic drug might do the trick.

stace Fri 12-Mar-04 19:39:47

Has she always had a quick reflux reflex, if you'll excuse that ridiculous term. My Ds had gastic reflus for about 1.5 years of his life and he still has a fairly quick reflex and although it is rare can for no apparent reason (apart from excitement) throw up, last three times were the morning of his birthday, on the way to a birthday party and on the way to swimming. Spare clothes are always useful. Im getting sick of finding local woolies or tescoes for change of clothes.
Hope some of this helps or at least makes you feel less alone with the problem.

amess Sat 13-Mar-04 17:28:12

Thank you all.

DD is 7 year old
Reflux relex (hope I got that right!) hasn't been a problem until last year or so.
Will stick to trip and take a bag of clothes and sick bags and wipes as suggested.
I have wondered about travel sickness pills maybe I should go back to the doctors? Hate going but maybe best to try them again.
However, thanks for taking the time to read and reply also feeling a tiny bit happier since reading your replies in trying to help DD.

lisaj Sat 13-Mar-04 18:23:03

Amess - my ds suffers from something similar, he can either get sick through worrying or through excitement. I took him to GP who diagnosed reflux and gave him Junior Gaviscon, which has really helped and fortunately we don't use very often.

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