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Potty-training and sibling rivalry

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SanneSannes Fri 28-Feb-14 13:14:22

We have started to introduce a potty with our 3yo DS (some will think this is late but he only now started to be interested in this now). He loves his potty, does is 17 mo sister! As soon as he sits on it, she will try to get on it as well and it all ends in a massive tentrum on both sides. The obvious thing to do is buy her a potty as well and hope she will leave DS alone. But is this the right aproach to this? Think i am struggling in general to decide whether it is the right thing to do to give DD everything DS has, as the potty struggle is just an example of rivalry we have recently seen about toys. Until very recently we were quite lucky as tantrums were hardly happening and sharing and playing nicely actually seemed to work, but this is seems to be over now. What do others do with children of similar age gap please???

TheGreatHunt Fri 28-Feb-14 14:44:27

Yes why not get her a potty? They're a £1.

I have a 4&2 year old. I try and let them negotiate a bit - teaching them what to say and do with each other. But 17 months is a bit young to expect much success. You can still tell your eldest what to do and try not to take sides.

Sometimes I make sure they each have something, other times I don't it just depends. I cannot treat them the same but can be equal about it. If you don't want to buy another potty, encourage them to swap/take turns for example.

kalidasa Fri 28-Feb-14 14:47:48

Maybe get another to defuse arguments but avoid saying that one is 'his' or 'hers'? I imagine a couple will be useful anyway.

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