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4wo ds harder work than dd's!

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littleraysofsunshine Thu 27-Feb-14 16:23:01

My two girls were very 'easy' babies.. My little boy seems very unsettled some days. Fussy feeds (breastfed too like they were) and not really happy when not being held. By me more so..

I don't mind this as I love the snuggles but can be tiring when not Getting a break (dd1&2 are 3 and 21m)..

He doesn't nap as long.. I do think it's purely the fact that babies are different wink but just being a third baby he just is trying to adjust to the whirlwind of having two older sisters who like to love on him a lot.

He doesn't cry that much but cries a lot more that they did.. Feeding like you wouldn't believe. 4 week growth spurt? He's a big boy and gaining lots.

How did you find it having a more demanding baby? (or so it seems as I have two other small kids lol)

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 27-Feb-14 16:41:02

If I'd had ds2 first, then I'd have only had one baby. He never napped more than 10 mins, cried when I put him down, fussed, fed non stop, didn't sleep through for ages....

even though I did exactly the same with him as with ds1 who was the perfect baby, I hardly knew I had him he was so easy!

Its nothing to do with him being a boy. Its all to do with every baby being different. When I had ds1 my friend had a little girl who was pretty normal actually, but I used to look at my friend who'd been up half the night, hadn't had time to have a shower, baby cried the minute she was put down, and think to myself 'thank goodness I had a boy' cos girls seemed so much more like hard work!

It passes. And now the more demanding baby is definitely the easier to handle 7 year old than his stroppy, selfish, messy, fussy eater brother grin

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