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Help! Separation anxiety

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Reremumof2 Wed 26-Feb-14 21:12:31

First time on here.... My soon to be 4 yr old daughter is always getting upset when leaving me to either go to nursery, pre-school, bedtime and keeps getting up in the night to be with me. I know this sounds bad but I feel so suffocated and hate seeing her so upset. Does anyone have any advice or suffered the same situation. Also she constantly cries over such little things sad

LastingLight Thu 27-Feb-14 07:25:11

Can you give her something to belongs to you that she can keep with her?

Reremumof2 Thu 27-Feb-14 13:16:11

Never really thought of that! Any ideas on what though? Thanks x

Goldmandra Thu 27-Feb-14 13:20:57

Make it something that smells of you. A top you've worn or slept with is good, especially if it has a bit of your perfume or deodorant on it. This can work really well for children settling in to new childcare settings too.

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