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9yo Touch sensitivity / OCD?

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casperthefriendlyghost Wed 26-Feb-14 20:35:01

My DS (9) for some time now has had some kind of touch/OCD issue. For example, if he brushes against something on his left arm, he has to do the same action on his right arm. This can look really funny at times as he looks like he's dancing where he keeps trying to keep things balanced! (Oh what a sensitive mum I am...) Recently it has meant that when he puts on socks he can't walk on the floor because it 'feels funny', so he needs to put shoes on as well to negate that feeling. It doesn't overwhelm his life, but I'm really curious to see if anyone has come across this in their DC? How does it manifest? Any idea what the correct terminology (if any) is? Will it pass? Should I do anything to help him control it at all?

AlfAlf Thu 27-Feb-14 01:34:09

He could have sensory processing disorder, or just some sensory issues (SPD is when the sensory issues are so severe that they are disruptive). If you google you will find check lists.
Lots of - perhaps even most or all - people on the autistic spectrum have sensory issues to some extent, as do many people with Down's syndrome, although it can definitely be a stand alone thing too.
Assessment and a course of treatment with an occupational therapist may help. GP should probably be your first port of call.
OCD-type behaviour I know nothing about, but I'd be inclined to seek professional advice now incase it gets worse as he gets older.

ktef Thu 27-Feb-14 06:02:27

If it turns out to be a OCD thing, then my advice would be- don't he scared of it, read everything you can about it. Talk to him about it in a relaxed way. Get him to read age appropriate books about it. There are lots if self help books out there. Cbt treatment can be really effective. Try to keep the pressure off at this stage so he doesn't hide it, as that won't make it go away.

But first get to gp to try to establish whether it's a sensory thing or a OCD thing or just a phase.

casperthefriendlyghost Fri 28-Feb-14 20:16:43

It's been around for prob 18m/2 years now so I'm thinking it's more than a phase. It's not disruptive but he certainly does have some good and some bad days. I mentioned it to his teacher recently and she hadn't even noticed, so it could be that as mum I just notice way more than anyone else. Or, I did wonder if it could be something that is kept at bay whilst he is busy at school? I looked up the OCD and again, it's not classed as OCD unless it becomes all consuming but I want to be careful that it doesn't progress that way. Have talked to him about it as generally as I could & will continue to try and keep it light-hearted. Will probably talk to the doctor next time we need to go - thanks so much for the info.

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