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My 21 month old can walk but doesn't want to!

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sbow1973 Tue 25-Feb-14 11:57:00

My 21 month old boy was a late walker (18 months) he was doing really well and is still happy to walk around the house, but in the last week whenever I take him out he only makes it a few metres before stopping to be picked up.
Why is this? I wondered if he had outgrown his shoes, but I had him measured and he's fine.
He is eating and sleeping well too..
Any thoughts?

Gurraun Tue 25-Feb-14 13:17:41

My son, now 4, was like this. Essentially with him, the novelty wore off and he discovered walking was quite hard work. He then didn't want to walk for months (years) and was always asking for the buggy or a carry. We got quite stressed as friends' kids of the same age seemed happy to walk.

However, as with so many things with kids it was just a phase and by 2.5 he walked everywhere and was happy to ditch the buggy long before many of his peers.

I suggest unless you think there is a physical issue just relax and let him set the pace :-)

DeWe Tue 25-Feb-14 14:12:18

Ds preferred to crawl as he could move faster and could push a car around too (or watch the buggy wheels better!) for ages.

But he did also like to be carried, and for him it was a side effect of glue ear. Because he struggled to hear he liked to be up where I was talking so he could hear better and was close to lip read. He also tended to pat my cheek when talking so I turned my face to him.

It may be he also feels more secure in your arms when outside.

mugglelady Wed 26-Feb-14 07:12:13

My son didn't walk until well past 2!! A paediatrician advised he had lax ligaments with his ankles - once he eventually started walking this corrected itself and he is flying around! Might be worth looking into to put your mind at rest

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